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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Bake Off Challenge – Bagels

The Bake Off Challenges are a series of posts I’m doing to celebrate my 100th post. I’ve challenged myself to have a go at making something from, or inspired by, ‘The Great British Bake Off‘ – an English programme in which 12 contestants have to bake something different every week. It will hopefully improve my …

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The Epic Game Of Catch

Yesterday, me and Padraig were just lounging around in the sitting room watching telly when all of a sudden, he picks up a juggling ball (don’t ask me why there was a random juggling ball on the sofa, because I have no idea!) and lobs it at me. Naturally, I pick it up and hurl …

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A Hundredth Post Challenge With Sweetcorn Fritters

Can you believe that this is my one hundredth post?! Who knew I could ramble on for so long and that people would actually read what I had to say? I think such a milestone requires a post that’s a bit different and I was thinking for ages about what I could do to make …

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Zebra Cake

Yesterday, Padraig got his AS level results and we were all really proud of how he did. It seems to be a tradition now that whenever any of us get results, one of the other siblings bakes a cake, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try something new. Having just watched the …

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Old dogs (or Rabbits)

(I took loads of photos for this post and now I can’t find my memory card, so all the photos on here are pretty old ones. Just thought I’d say before you wonder where Bunny’s cherry-eye had gone). My rabbit, Bunny (I know), is getting very old now. He’s pretty much totally blind and we’re …

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Once every year, the small village where the canoe club is gets transformed from a quiet,¬†idyllic¬†community into a loud, hippy-infested venue for the Fairport Convention. This is a three day festival celebrating all kinds of folksy music which people from all over the world come to see (albeit people living 20 minutes away have never …

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Olympic Canoe Sprint

Yesterday, Rachel, Patch, my dad and I went to watch the Olympic canoe sprints which meant waking up to an alarm at 4:20 in the morning. After an hour and a half in the car, we arrived at the park and ride and were swiftly guided on to a waiting bus. The organisers were obviously …

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Working at the Olympics

I’m back from working at the Olympic canoe slalom event and man, am I tired! We arrived on the Saturday evening and set our tents up at the campsite before having a hilarious game of football where we all realised how utterly awful we are at it. We were meant to be meeting the boss …

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