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The Sun Has Got His Hat On (At Last)

Hip hip hip hooraaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

The sun has FINALLY decided to come out and give us a few days of summer weather. I’ve been so fed up of the dark, rainy, dreary days we’ve been having and I think everyone else has too, so it’s cheered me up no end to see a bright blue sky without a cloud in sight!

To celebrate this gorgeous weather, my mum and I went out for an early evening paddle in our big open canadian canoe yesterday and I have to say, it was perfect. It was so peaceful just paddling along gently, looking at all the wildlife, chatting to a few of the narrowboat owners who were having their evening meal. It felt so nice and relaxing after a busy few days of room clearing etc.

Even the angry swans seemed to enjoy feeling the sun on their wings, despite having a bit of a hiss at us as we went by.


Going out for a gentle paddle is something we often do in the summer, and this is the first chance we’ve had to do it this year. It’s such a good feeling to just sit in the slow lane of life for a few hours and take in all the different details you have no chance of noticing as you race past in a training session. Sometimes we meet our mum at the canoe club on her way back from work – she brings a last minute picnic of things bought from M&S or somewhere similar, then we paddle up to the first lock, sit on the wall that overlooks the fields and feast on our snacks.

We didn’t take any food with us yesterday, but we went to the same place and admired the views for a while anyway.



Most of the time, I can never imagine why anyone would want to live on a narrowboat – too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, cramped, no garden etc – but yesteday evening, when we paddled past boats with people reading a book and sipping wine, sitting around a barbecue, eating their evening meal in the last of the sunlight, I finally understood why people do it. It’s so peaceful, being away from any roads, moving away from loud neighbours easily and having so much pure nature on your doorstep, that it all made sense.

It was such a lovely, relaxing time out from everything and I really hope the weather stays nice long enough for us to do it a few more times.

I also feel like I should apologise for my rubbish posts recently. I have been really busy doing things, but nothing I can really post about. I mean, there are only so many times I can talk about going canoeing (which I’m now happily doing four times a week, so that is keeping me VERY busy) and the only other noteworthy thing I’ve been doing is visiting my friends. It’s been so nice to catch up with everyone but again, it doesn’t make a very interesting post – I went to the pub today and chatted with my friends for a few hours would probably be the whole content of it! Anyway, I promise I will do my best to do some more interesting things that make for some more interesting posts. Because, I kind of like you guys being around, and it turns out that you actually like to read something with better content than, ‘today I cleaned my room a bit’. Just give me a bit of time to actually do a few blog-worthy things and I’ll be right back with you!








  1. Liz T

    Love the shot of you and your mum’s shadows – the rest of the shots are good too but that one really made me smile

  2. Cate

    The pictures of the canal are so tranquil and de-stressing; just what I needed. Thank you Alice.

  3. Judy

    I like to read your blog as it takes me back to when my daughter was your age and all the things we did. She’s married now with two daughters and not a lot of time. I love how much you all include your grandmother as I’m sure she appreciates it. Love your photos and just enjoy what a nice family you all are.


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