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As you can imagine, when you come home from university you have a lot of stuff that doesn’t really have a place anywhere – things like kitchen utensils, hairdryers and textbooks. Add in the fact that not only had I returned from one year at uni, but Rachel had also returned from three years at uni and you can imagine how many bags of things there were dotted about all over the place. My room was so chock-a-block full of bags for life I couldn’t even get to my chest of drawers to put away my clothes, which meant I was living out of my suitcase for a while (which took up even more space!). I think every room in the house had at least one of my bags in it because there just wasn’t anywhere to put it!

We decided that the best place for it all to go would be in my wardrobe. My wardrobe that hadn’t been cleared in years and contained everything from all our old dressing up clothes to all our games and puzzles. This is why, for the past few days, me and my mum have been going through everything – saving things which can be passed on to the next generation and making pile upon pile of things to go to charity shops. We thought we’d better test out a few of the games and puzzles while we were at it, just to make sure they still worked…

This was a game where you had to ‘save’ the endangered animals from poachers and draughts and things by getting them into the nature reserve. I remember it very well from my childhood and I’m glad we can keep it for our future children, even if there are one or two pieces missing.



This game is particularly innocent – rolling a die to go around the board and collect things to put into your garden. You might pick some daffodil bulbs and then have to land on the right square to make them bloom. I think this was my mum’s when she was a child and I love the simplicity of it!

Of course with the puzzles, we had to check they all had the right number of pieces, which most of them didn’t. The only reason that one did was because we had two copies of it so we’d just replaced the missing pieces with pieces from the other box!

I always loved sitting down and doing a puzzle with my mum – I’ve gathered loads from my birthdays over the years! – and it was nice to do it again. Of course, we had to warm up with the smaller puzzles first as we were a bit out of practice.

Also in the wardrobe were all of our primary school exercise books. They were quite amusing to read through and see some of my views on things at that age. Apparently, I was quite a cheeky child too!

It was nice to look through all these things that brought back some old memories. And all of my bags of uni things are nicely packed away in my wardrobe. It’s just that most of the stuff that was in the wardrobe is now all over my bedroom floor instead of the bags! I have a LOT of sorting out to do…





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  1. Rob

    Hi – what is the nature reserve game called? i remember this and really want to find it online!

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