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Sweet Potato Burgers

Before I went on holiday, Rachel announced that she’d found a recipe on Pinterest that looked really interesting – sweet potato burgers. They were really scrummy and so a few days ago, we made them again and I took lots of photos so I could pass on the sweet potato burger baton to all of you lovely people if you so which to take it.

First of all, we baked some bread rolls but obviously you can skip this step and just buy some.


Four or five small sweet potatoes were peeled, chopped, rinsed and steamed until cooked through.


A small tin of cannellini or butter beans was added to the sweet potato and then everything was mashed together. Personally, I preferred the cannellini beans as I thought the butter beans had a stronger taste. If you’re unsure, I would start with the cannellini beans if you can, but if you prefer a stronger beany taste, then go with the butter beans.

Lots of seasoning was added into the mix next, which I think is essential to a nice sweet potato burger. The first batch we had didn’t have as much seasoning and tasted a little bland, so this time we added much more and it gave a much better taste. This is what we used to season:



The recipe calls for ‘plentiful’ breadcrumbs, which wasn’t very helpful but you need enough breadcrumbs made from stale bread to thicken the mixture and coat the burgers before frying. If you add them bit by bit into the mixture until it’s as thick as you want, then you should be ok.


Once the mixture’s sorted, ball enough up into a burger shape, coat it in breadcrumbs and fry it in a hot frying pan with oil.


Fry until they are hot through and golden brown, usually about 5 minutes on both sides. Place into a roll and voila – a yummy, scrummy sweet potato burger, perfect for this ‘summer’ weather.


Here’s the recipe we used when making them, and a slight warning – they squeeze out a LOT when you bite into them. Just warning you so you don’t end up with it all down you, which may or may not have happened to me. They are definitely worth making though.




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  1. This looks really good. I am going to make them. Thanks for sharing.

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