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Mauled to Death by Moths

I had the most horrific experience last night. I’d been swimming in the morning with Rachel and my mum, which was really good actually. It felt nice to be doing it again after such a long break and I’ve apparently developed a very efficient stroke after all my swimming in term two. After that, we did the Tesco shop, had lunch and then me and Rachel went to visit our friends in the afternoon (very handy, as they’re both sisters so only one trip is required!). I was a bit of a skank and didn’t have a shower until I got home after this and I was definitely in need of one as I could feel the chlorine clinging on to my skin. Eurgh! Anyway, I went upstairs, opened the shower room door and was confronted by about a million moths. Seriously, it was like a butterfly house in there, only with moths and less humid. Apparently my dad forgot to turn the light off or shut the window or something during the night, so they all flocked in and made themselves comfy.

(I couldn’t face going back in there after my shower so these are just the ones that were still there today.)

Now, I’m usually ok with bugs and insects and what not, but spiders and moths kind of freak me out a bit. I think it’s because they move so quickly and are so unpredictable. I can handle one moth at a time, but I couldn’t keep track of all these ones at once so I was a bit wary. I appreciate that moths can be incredibly pretty though – look at this one:

So I get the courage to go inside and close the door (after telling my mum to come and rescue me if she hears me screaming) and start getting my shampoo and things out of the cupboard. When I pick up my blue scrunchy body washer thingy, a HUGE moth comes out and flies right at my face. Lots of high pitched squealing later (and no, I was not rescued by my mother who obviously would not care if her third daughter was mauled to death by moths), it finally settles on the wall and I take the quickest shower of my life.

I think I deserve a medal for getting out alive, to be honest!

I’m off surfing with my friends this next week, which I’m super excited about, and I haven’t worked out how to get my posts to pop up on a timer yet, so you’ll have to wait a little longer for our next one-way catch up. Hopefully I’ll have lots of surfer tales to report back to you afterwards though!



  1. One-oh-four

    Since no-one else has commented, I thought I would – but all I can think of to say is……call yerself a Biologist?………. 😉

  2. Sue

    Moths are the same as butterflies except most moths fly at night Are you scared of butterflies?

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