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A Happy Ending

Do you remember a little while ago when I was complaining of wii arm and telling you all about how we missed playing Spyro on playstation one? Well, I’m so happy I wrote that post because who should read it but my wonderful sister, Heather? And who should, just on the off-chance, be looking to throw away her old non-digital TV? That’s right, when Heather came to stay a few weeks ago, she bought the television and her old playstation with her and we set it up and IT WORKED! It does mean we have two televisions in our living room now, but I’m sure once we’re not playing on it every day it will be moved into my room to be stored somewhere.

We’ve been having so much fun revisiting the games, although we did nearly complete one of them in one day. Maybe that’s a sign to us to slow down a bit! And despite this being a one player game, we all find it boring to play on our own, so it’s usually one person on the controller with another nearby to give tips and take over for hard bits that the other person can’t do.

Unfortunately, the console is a bit old and a bit rickety which means if you nudge it the tiniest bit, the game turns off and doesn’t save what you’ve just done – seriously, I sneezed once and it turned off! It can be really annoying when you end up doing the same thing three times in a row, but we’re serious, hardcore gamers so we power through.

We’re having lots of fun with it at the moment. It’s much better than the Wii version where every task is fighting an enemy. Instead, you run around collecting gems, doing little tasks that require you to think. I think the most violent it gets is a controlled boxing match between a polar bear and a yeti, I mean who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

(Excuse the photo, old televisions get a bit camera shy and have a bit of a panic attack by putting lines across the screen when you try and take a photo.)

We’ve nearly finished all the spyro games now which means I think we’ll have to move on to the other, less exciting games we’ve kept over all these years. It’s been nice to have something different to do though and it’s definitely bought back some good memories!

I realise I’ve just written a whole post on something most of you will never have heard of, which has no relevance to anything, but I thought I’d report back on the situation. Also, thank you so much for your suggestions on my last post, they’re brilliant and I will definitely be using some of them!


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  1. Bit on a generation difference but we found an emulator online that lets you play old Megadrive games. Took me and my brother right back trying to kill each other on Street Fighter I. X

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