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A Dilemma

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m pretty stingy. It’s not that I don’t want to give people lots of nice presents and I always pay my share if we order pizza or something, it’s just I don’t like spending money. This is why I’m such a rubbish shopper – I would rather have money in the bank and know that if something goes wrong, I’ll have money to sort it out and I take comfort in the fact that I have money set back for the future. I would rather take pride in the fact that I paid for my car’s MOT and service last month than buy myself something pretty. This is why I’m having so much of a dilemma at the moment.

Four of my friends from uni have birthdays in July or August, which is doubly annoying because we’re not at uni in those months so whatever I buy them, I have to send in the post. The problem is, my friends like to spend quite a lot on gifts for other people and my stinginess along with the cost of delivery is making it very hard to find a suitable gift. My first idea was to send a bunch of flowers to each, an idea I got from Rachel receiving some for her birthday, but after looking at the prices that idea is definitely off the list – £22 for a simple bouquet plus postage? No thanks!


I’ve already sorted one of the presents out by buying the Hunger Games series, but I don’t know the others as well as I know this friend and I don’t know what kind of books they’d like. My next idea was to get cupcakes delivered to them, and some of the prices were actually ok until I realised there was an £8 postage charge, or they didn’t deliver to the right area. I love the idea though, so I might use that one for future birthday presents. 

My current idea is to get a box of Thorntons chocolates delivered. There are a few good offers there at the moment, but you can’t pre-order and the first birthday is on the 14th of July so I’m hoping the offers won’t run out before then.

So seeing as I’ve got a while before I need to order anything, I thought I’d come on here for some advice – any ideas on good presents that can be delivered easily and cheaply? I don’t want to spend any more than £15 overall on each present and postage is usually about £3-£4. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I’m so rubbish at this spending money thing!

Thank you!!!



  1. Liz T

    Alice, how about Amazon gift certificates? You can either order as an emailed gift OR print off the certificate to post – you can choose the amount of the certificate and it’s either the cost of a stamp OR no cost other than the initial buying.

  2. Claire

    Hi Alice, you could try hotukdeals.co.uk to search for voucher codes and special offers, including free delivery codes and also use topcashback.co.uk to earn cashback on things you purchase online

  3. Nura Karpowitsch

    Just adding to Liz T you could also just send a gift card from a book shop like Waterstones, then they can choose their own book, but I often use the Amazon option myself.


  4. we use http://www.bunches.co.uk/flowers/classic-value-flowers.php for flowers, it’s free delivery with all orders and they have bouquets under £15.

  5. One-oh-four

    Hmmmmm, my top suggestion would be jewellery – places like Boots, BHS, Top Shop, Sainsbury’s and New Look all have loads of gorgeous stuff half price at the moment. Wrap it up prettily in tissue paper and it’s really cheap to post especially if you choose carefully and avoid the heavier chunky metal stuff. On another tack, when I was at Uni I got an awesome pressie in the post from a friend at home – just right for a Biologist – an inflatable skeleton (it was deflated obviously!). It became our house mascot – people used to bring it wacky clothes to wear. And I bet it cost next to nothing to post as it was so light! Weirdly I have no recollection what happened to him……..

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