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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

The Event Everyone’s Been Waiting For

Yesterday was the day everyone had been waiting for for a long time. People flocked from all over the world to get a feel of the atmosphere created at this event. The whole world has been on edge waiting to see what would happen. That’s right; yesterday was no ordinary day. Yesterday was my grandma’s …

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The Sun Has Got His Hat On (At Last)

Hip hip hip hooraaaaaaaaaaaay!!! The sun has FINALLY decided to come out and give us a few days of summer weather. I’ve been so fed up of the dark, rainy, dreary days we’ve been having and I think everyone else has too, so it’s cheered me up no end to see a bright blue sky …

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As you can imagine, when you come home from university you have a lot of stuff that doesn’t really have a place anywhere – things like kitchen utensils, hairdryers and textbooks. Add in the fact that not only had I returned from one year at uni, but Rachel had also returned from three years at uni and …

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Sweet Potato Burgers

Before I went on holiday, Rachel announced that she’d found a recipe on Pinterest that looked really interesting – sweet potato burgers. They were really scrummy and so a few days ago, we made them again and I took lots of photos so I could pass on the sweet potato burger baton to all of …

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My Devon Surfing Adventure

Hello! I’ve returned from my Devon surfing adventure with a very slight tan that just makes my face look dirty and two bags full of dirty washing. Aside from that, I’ve brought back some lovely memories and a whole lot of photos! Let me tell you a little bit about what I got up to… …

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Mauled to Death by Moths

I had the most horrific experience last night. I’d been swimming in the morning with Rachel and my mum, which was really good actually. It felt nice to be doing it again after such a long break and I’ve apparently developed a very efficient stroke after all my swimming in term two. After that, we …

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A Happy Ending

Do you remember a little while ago when I was complaining of wii arm and telling you all about how we missed playing Spyro on playstation one? Well, I’m so happy I wrote that post because who should read it but my wonderful sister, Heather? And who should, just on the off-chance, be looking to throw away …

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A Dilemma

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m pretty stingy. It’s not that I don’t want to give people lots of nice presents and I always pay my share if we order pizza or something, it’s just I don’t like spending money. This is why I’m such a rubbish shopper – I would rather have money …

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How to Survive a Year in University Accommodation

On Friday, I finished packing up my room completely and came home. It felt very odd leaving and thinking that I’d never be coming back to my room, that I’d never live on the campus again and that every day at university would now start with a bus ride. It’s amazing how much stuff you …

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