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Rachel’s Birthday

Wednesday was Rachel’s 22nd birthday and naturally I kept my day free to celebrate in true Murphy style. Then she told me she was going shopping in Stratford and I ran in the opposite direction. It’s not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself, but I’d spent all of Tuesday (along with Rachel and Padraig) coaching 30 school children canoeing so we were all pretty tired. I’m not good at shopping at the best of times (there has to be some kind of lunch involved to get me to go in the first place) and shopping when tired would have been a disaster. Rachel didn’t mind at all and was quite happy for me to go to a picnic with some of my friends from sixth form. It was the first time we’d met up this summer and it was so nice to see everyone. It was a day filled with food, sun, games and laughter and was just a really nice, relaxed day. Apart from some slight issues where I ran out of my flip flops and straight into some sheep poo and also managed to sun burn exactly half of my body (there’s literally a line all down my arm and only one of my legs burnt!), I really enjoyed myself.

When I got home, my mum was in the midst of preparing one of her birthday tea spreads. Everyone pitched in to help and we set up a little tea party in the back garden, complete with bunting, Pimms and pretty tableclothes.

Thankfully the weather stayed fine, although it was a little blustery and a little chilly. I wish I had a summer birthday because I love having these outside tea parties! It’s usually a bit warmer than this for Rachel’s birthday and it got a bit too chilly after a while, so we moved inside for pudding. Now, everyone looks forward to Rachel’s birthday for one main reason. Not the fact we love her and we enjoy celebrating her existence and everything, oh no. We look forward to it because Rachel doesn’t like cake. What?! No cake? At a BIRTHDAY party? Yep, that’s right. And people who don’t like cake get something else for the birthday in our house. They get this:

This is the ultimate birthday cake equivalent – a layer of tiffin and a layer of chocolate crispy cake joined together with melted chocolate, topped with melted chocolate, maltesers, glitter and icing flowers. It is yum-my! Now, I’m aware that I could opt to have this for my birthday instead of cake, but I would always pick cake for my birthday just because you have to really. It’s just nice to have a bit of a change now and then. Obviously, this wasn’t the only option for pudding. Not by a long shot! There were about as many pudding options as there were for the main meal

It was a fab day and the best bit is, there’s loads of cakes and scones leftover! Mmmhmmm.

I’m having such a nice time with all of my family at the moment, so sorry about the lack of posts! We’re all going to a wedding at the weekend and then I’m doing a bit more celebrating at university before coming back home to coach some more school children, after which I’ll go back to university to collect my results and either celebrate/commiserate with my friends. But after that, I’ll be all yours again!



  1. Cate

    Sorry about the sunburn, but it sounds like you had a wonderful day with your friends. The birthday tea looks scrumptious. You couldn’t post the recipe for the tiffin/chocolate crispy cake could you? I would love to make that for an upcoming family birthday. There’s no rush, after you are done with all your busy-ness. I’m sure you’ll be celebrating when you get your uni results.

    • Fortunately, Heather already wrote a post on how to make tiffin ages ago. Here’s the URL:
      (or just search ‘tiffin’ on her blog). The top layer is just rice crispies coated in melted chocolate. The two layers are stuck together with more melted chocolate and topped with EVEN MORE chocolate. Super yum! I hope whoever it’s for enjoys it, and you do too!

  2. MmmmmmMmmmmmmm your cake posts, and Heather’s, are always so good and I seem to find them when I’m hungry!

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