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A Ta Dah Giveaway!

It’s time to show all of you my second ever knitted item! I started this quite a while ago and did loads of it all in one go until I went back to uni and forgot about it had loads of work to do. My aim for this project was to learn how to do stripes, so I bought three balls of wool (well, technically my mum bought them for me but same thing) and cast on a random number of stitches and started striping away.

(Excuse the pyjamas – I’m a student, it was the holidays, what more did you expect? I like how it went all twirly at the end though!)

Actually, I cast on way too many stitches than I intended (I got a bit carried away), so it turned out reeeeeeally long and it didn’t always want to stay on the knitting needles. I do like how it went all wavy on the needles though!

The stripiness wasn’t too fiddly to do actually, it just meant twisting the strands of wool around each other on every new row. The biggest annoyance was having to constantly untangle them from each other!

I knitted whilst watching TV, while we were enjoying the sun in the garden, while we were watching the guinea pigs playing with each other and before I knew it, it was HUGE!

This is when I had to leave my cosy family home and go and study for a degree again, and my knitting stayed with it. When I finished my first year and arrived home, I saw Heather (who’s visiting) crocheting away and I suddenly remembered – I was knitting something! So I searched around my room and found this next to my ‘knitting bag’ in the corner of my room looking all neglected. I dug it out and spent a good while untangling all the wool before I took it downstairs to get some opinions on what it should be. That’s right, I started this without actually knowing what it was going to end up as. Fortunately, my mum had a small cushion lying around that she’d bought for a project that she’d never started. We did a bit of pulling and stretching and decided that it would just about fit if I added on one more coloured row onto it. After that, it was just the sewing in left to do.

And it was a knitted rectangle!! I quite like the extra unintended stripiness of the back actually.

After this came the bit I’ve discovered is the worst bit about knitting something – all the joining of the sides. Man, is this fiddly and boring and hard to do neatly! I was reliably informed that the best way to do this was to join the two ends to make a kind of tube, then join the bottom, stuff the cushion in and join the top last of all. Although, the reliable informers forgot to tell me to join it on the wrong side, which to be fair I should have known myself really. This meant that after I’d done about 10cm, I had to pull out all the wool that  I’d just used to join the sides, turn it inside out and start again. I decided that it would be way to much effort to try and switch colours to join each stripe, so I just did it all in green. It doesn’t look too bad, but you can definitely see it’s green all the way down.

And after turning it out…

After that, I sewed up the pink side (I learnt from my mistake and did this on the wrong side from the start).

It looked much more cushion covery after that, which was very satisfying and meant I could go ahead with the stuffing of the cushion into it. Then, I just had to sew up the blue end (the sun suddenly came out for about half an hour, so we all migrated into the garden where I finished my cushion).

And here it is, the slightly wonky but definitely stripy cushion:

After a bit of podging, poking and squeezing, it became a bit more cushion shaped and a bit less lumpy.

However, now I’ve made it I’ve realised I actually have no need for a cushion. This little project was simply to see if I could do something stripy, so I’ve decided to thank all of you, my imaginary friends, for giving me someone to ramble on to for 5 months and for giving me an almost valid reason to procrastinate instead of doing uni work. That’s right – I’m GIVING AWAY my second ever knitted item!

To be in with a chance of winning, leave a comment below telling me either your favourite pattern OR your favourite ice cream flavour (you can tell me both if you want, but it still only counts as one entry!). Closing date is in one week – Monday the 25th of June at 11:59pm (British Summer Time) and a winner will be picked by a random number generator on Tuesday the 26th of June.

(I hope I’ve done everything properly for a giveaway and that I haven’t skipped any really important rules that will end up with me knitting a stripy cushion for everyone that enters! I also hope that at least one person does enter because it would really embarrassing if no-one did, although I can understand why people may not want a slightly wonky cushion made by an amateur knitter. Still, it is free SO ENTER, DAMN IT!! I mean, please leave a comment below and I wish you the best of luck out of all the millions of people who will no doubt enter this amazing giveaway.)




  1. Look at you! We are going to turn you into Miss Crafty Blogger yet. Just kidding. I love reading about your Uni days. I love your little cushion and my favorite flavor of ice cream is Toffee Crunch. If for some reason I win that pretty little cushion I will feel guilty about the cost of post to the US, so you can pick someone else. Not that I don’t want it, I think it is lovely. College kids don’t have much money and I would rather you spend what you have on yourself and having fun. Take care my dear. I am proud of how well your blog is doing.

  2. mint chocolate!

  3. Cate

    I think it’s really generous of you to give this stripey cushion away when it’s only the second thing you’ve knitted and it’s so cute. I don’t really have a favourite pattern yet; my favourite ice cream flavour is black cherry.

  4. Your pillow is LOVELY!!! 🙂

  5. *new here* I’m dead impressed, it came out really well and you’ve also shown me how to do multiple yarns which was alluding me for sometime so thank you!

    erm.. ice cream – Mint chocolate chip 😀

  6. One-oh-four

    I can’t believe you are prepared to give away that lovely cushion! It’s beautiful! If I win I will come and pick it up to save you the postage (I pass the Uni quite often). So you’ll have to hang onto it all summer, and by then you may have grown to love it, and found a use for it, and perhaps you won’t want to part with it after all. My favourite ice cream flavour *was* Rum and Raisin. Like forever. Until I went to Germany at half term and had Tiramisu flavour, which was **divine** and is now my new favourite. They also had Dragon flavour, which was bright pink and actually sparkled, I meant to go back later and try that but it rained a lot and I forgot. Missed opportunity there. My favourite pattern is Lucy’s neat Ripple, I have just finished making mine which you can look at here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/One-oh-four/neat-ripple-pattern

  7. Oh it’s so lovely! You must be very proud. What do you plan to do next?
    My favourite pattern is…….um, a complicated one really. I gegt bored just doing stocking stitch for ages!

  8. It is so neat for the second thing your have ever knitted. I am very impressed.
    Favourite ice cream has to be anything with chocolate in it. But if I HAD to narrow it down I would go with Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
    Favourite pattern? I am having great fun crochet-ing mountains of Granny Squares at the moment for a blanket.

  9. Judy

    I love your cushion! I would give it a lovely home.

  10. Judy

    I forgot to say vanilla. Guess I’m boring.

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