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A Lazy Weekend

Heather came home this weekend, which meant most of my time was spent pressed against her ever growing tummy trying to feel the baby kick, which it eventually did. It did a few soft kicks and then one really hard one, probably its way of asking very politely if I would mind giving it a bit of space. It’s been a very relaxed weekend, actually – lots of Wii playing and guinea pig watching (along with quite a lot of canoeing for me – nice to get back into it, but horrible to discover how unfit I am after nearly three months of sitting at my desk revising).

As you can imagine, coming into a house with six people in it after living on your own for a while can get a bit hectic, so last night I took a bit of time out and sat in my bedroom for a bit. I hadn’t planned to really do anything, but after a few minutes, I found myself sitting on my bed with a sketchbook on my lap and a pencil in my hand. I’ve always loved drawing and have discovered that, weirdly, I can only draw something by looking at a photo of it, I can’t just draw something that’s in front of me. I knew I wanted to draw a face of someone, but was at a bit of a loss as to who. I was on my Facebook page and thought, hold on – why don’t I just draw me? (Self centered? Me? ) I sat there and sketched away and I think all of the science and non-creative stuff I’ve been doing this year must have fuelled my creative side so much it just boiled over and landed on the page, because I was really pleased with the result. It just felt so nice to be drawing again and I’m really pleased I took the time to out to do it.

This afternoon, I’ve been finishing off my second knitting project which I started ages ago. I’d nearly finished it before I went back to university this term, so today was just sewing in lots of ends really. I’ll do a proper ta dah post tomorrow so I can show you all properly, but here’s a little sneak peek as to the colours I was using:

We also made little food packages to entertain the rabbits and guinea pigs for a while. We got some sheets of brown packaging paper and filled them with hay, carrots and spinach before twisting them up into little bundles and they absolutely loved them!

Flossy was so funny, she kept taking it in her mouth and throwing it around all over the place. She loves any interesting thing that gets put in her cage and has a little plastic ball in there all the time that she plays with. It was very funny watching her!

Willow wasn’t quite as interested as the other animals, but she certainly enjoyed being out in her run.

It was nice to all be together again, I don’t think we’ve all been here since Christmas. It fills up the house a lot, especially because Rachel and I have bought all of our things back from uni with us, but we have such fun together. I’m sure this week we’ll get up to lots of fun things and I can’t wait to spill my guts out about it on here!


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  1. You said you weren’t crafty! Ha. Your drawings capture you. I can’t wait to see you knit ta dah tomorrow. Have a great day with your family.

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