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Some Big News! (Kind Of)

Yesterday, I hit two big milestones with this here blog. The first, I knew was coming and was very excited about – I got my 10,000th view on my blog since I started it in February!

How exciting is that?! I’m so pleased with it and every view I get makes me feel that little bit happier – so thanks, all you guys for all the effort you’re putting in with clicking around my blog and maybe actually enjoying a few posts that you read. I wanted to take a photo of  when the figure was exactly 10,000 but at around 9,985 it was well past my bed time so I had to give up.

The second exciting blog related thing was that yesterday, I received a blog award thingy-ma-bob from Kashi called the Sunshine Award. I’ve heard little bits here and there about blog awards but I still don’t really understand them, so I’m just taking it as a ‘yay, someone actually likes my blog!’ kind of thing. I think I have to answer a few questions too, but I might have to vary them a bit because I think they’re designed for crafty people (which I am not) who read a lot of blogs (which I don’t). I thought it might be fun to answer a few random questions though, so here we go:

Favourite animal: When I was younger, the only animal I ever wanted in the whole wide world was a black labrador puppy, or failing that anything with four legs that barked and had a waggly tail. However, after an unfortunate dog-sitting incident in which a very slobbery dog was particularly interested in my crotch, I quickly retracted my need for a canine companion. I don’t really have a favourite animal as such, but I guess I’d have to say rabbits just because they’re so damn cute and really soft to stroke. I might be a bit biased though. (He looks like he has afro hair in this one!).

Favourite drink: After Tuesday night, anything but cider.

Favourite number: 2 – not sure why, but it was the number I always wore when I used to play football. We all played in the same team for so long that everyone got used to wearing their own number, and mine was 2. We were an awesome primary school football team, I tell you!

Facebook or Twitter: I use both for different things. Facebook is more of a personal thing and is good for keeping in touch with people you don’t see very often. It’s also very good for looking through and finding out about all the people you didn’t really like in school – it’s fun to see if what you guessed would happen to them after school actually did, such as working in McDonald’s, having a baby or being a bum. I use twitter to advertise my blog (to the very few people who follow me!) because not many people who I know in real life know that I have a blog and I want to keep it that way. It would feel weird that they would know lots of stuff about me when I’ve only known them for a few months or when I’ve known them for years and have never really liked them. I don’t mind complete strangers knowing what I get up to because if they don’t like it they can just move on and not read my blog again, but for the people who I’m friends with and don’t know certain things about me (like my ability to knit, for instance), if they think I’m really weird because of it I would lose an actual real life friend. For this reason, I’m quite select with who I tell about my blog – only those people who I’ve known for years or those who I’m certain wouldn’t care either way if I was to take a bunch of girl guides out to a gig or stay out till 3 in the morning drinking with my friends.

My passion: I just Googled the word passion to see what definition it gave me (I did know what it meant beforehand, by the way) and I don’t think I have a “strong and barely controllable emotion” about anything, but the thing I enjoy and only participate in for my own pleasure is canoeing. Although, if anyone from my university or future employment is reading this, life sciences will always be my one and only passion. Canoeing is a silly pass time that anyone can do. (That took a huge amount of effort to write!).
Giving or getting: Well what kind of person would answer ‘getting’ to this one? Of course, everyone enjoys giving gifts because hopefully they’ve put lots of effort into it and can’t wait to see the persons face etc. However, anyone who says they don’t enjoy ‘getting’ is lying (assuming this is a nice gift, of course!). And I think that’s a good thing really, because if no-one enjoyed receiving gifts, no-one would enjoy giving gifts as there’d be no excited face, no gratefulness and no happiness from giving or getting. So both, for me.
Favourite pattern: This would be a question designed for the crafty people then. Seeing as I’ve never followed any kind of pattern in my life, I thought I’d tell you my favourite ice cream flavour instead – mint choc chip, mmmmmm.

Favorite day of the week: Saturday, just because it’s the training day at the canoe club that everyone turns up for and we have great fun with all the stuff we do. We usually work in large groups and chatter away between the things we’re doing. I usually come home and have some lunch before heading over to my grandma’s house with my mum for our weekly coffee/J2O and catch up. There are usually yummy biscuits involved too, so it’s a mixture of all my favourite things – canoeing, friends, family and food!

Favourite flower: Now, I think I’ll have to change this question to what flowers can I name? So, apparently my favourite flower is one of daisies, roses, sunflowers, gerberas, lilies, and probably a few others that I can’t recall right now. I think my favourite out of those would have to be a gerbera because it’s the flower I wore in my hair for Heather’s wedding and they always remind me of that day.

Favourite country: I’m going to discount England as it’s my home country so obviously that’s my ‘favourite-favourite’, but the question asks for just my favourite, so that’s what I shall answer. I’m definitely not very well travelled. In fact, I’ve never been abroad with my family – we’ve always been more of a grab the tents and head for the coast or stay in a holiday cottage kind of family. When we were really young, we’d stay at Pevensey Bay in a tiny holiday cottage that my grandma and great aunt used to own. We’ve all got such amazing memories from there that nothing else feels like a proper holiday. I have, however been to France and Germany on school trips and I went to France and Kefalonia, a Greek island, with my friend’s family. I had a really good time with my friend’s family and I enjoyed the heat and different culture of Kefalonia, so right now, according to my very untravelled mind, Greece is my favourite country.

I also have to list my 10 favourite blogs. The only problem is I don’t read 10 blogs, so I’m just going to list the ones that I do read (and in no particular order!)

The ones I read consistently and check up on any posts I’ve missed are:

Heather at www.littletinbird.co.uk

Lucy at http://attic24.typepad.com/

Katie at www.marriageconfessions.com

The ones I look at now and then for some variety and an extra form of procrastination are:

Kashi at http://mamakashi.blogspot.co.uk/

Rachel at http://love-to-stitch.blogspot.co.uk/

(I’m really sorry, but I can’t find your name on your blog! I really enjoy reading it though!) at http://mycaliforniacollegelife.wordpress.com/

Megs at http://domesticdivamd.com/

So there you have it. And to top off all these milestones, I think this the longest post I’ve ever written so well done for making it to the end – have a gold star!


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  1. Sue

    I found your blog via your sister Heather’s blog.
    My eldest daughter went to Warwick uni and stayed in Rootes.
    I found this post very amusing and loved the way you changed the answer to the question about your favourite pattern to your favourite ice cream.

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