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Wii Arm

I like games. It doesn’t matter if they’re electronic games, board games or just plain old tag, if a game is being played in my house, you can be pretty sure that it was me who begged and whined until someone gave up and played with me suggested it. When we were younger, we had a Playstation 1 (actually, we had two – not sure how that happened), which meant we enjoyed playing the more traditional games like the bubble popping competition, Bust-A-Move…

… the more modern games (at the time) like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets…

 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

… or the simple, juddery games like Croc:

Our all time favourite by a mile though, was Spyro:

I think we must have had all the Spyro games for Playstation 1 and we must have completed them each at least 10 times. Yep, we loved playing Spyro. Which was why it was so disappointing when we had to get rid of our old Playstation 1 compatible televisions to make way for the ‘Digital Ready’ ones when the big digital switchover happened. So disappointing, in fact, that when we got a Wii for Christmas two years ago, one of the first games we got was Spyro the Dragon. Only, this Spyro wasn’t quite the same as the old on. On the Playstation version, it was a mostly non violent game of going round and collecting gems while chasing weird mini ninjas with dragons’ eggs. When we played the Wii version though, we were quite surprised to find that a) it was a two player game (how can you have two Spyros?), b) the whole game involved killing enemies and evil monsters and c) there wasn’t a gem in sight.

We were rather upset that the much loved old Spyro was seemingly lost forever and we would have to get used to a new, tougher, fighting Spyro that had some sort of strange sister dragon attached to him by an electrical collar device. Still, we soldiered on and now every holiday it’s kind of a tradition that we play Spyro together. So on Sunday, that’s what  Rachel and I did.

It was good fun until we got too frustrated by all the team work that has to go in to a two player game, so we stopped and baked some cakes. It was only on Monday morning that we both experienced what is known in our house as ‘Wii arm’ and is known in doctors’ surgeries as ‘repetitive strain injury’. After all the urgent pressing of certain buttons and shaking of remotes, our arm muscles were in quite a bit of pain. We were brave though, and still managed a few hours of playing on Monday as well (we’ve just finished uni, it’s like, the law that we bum around for a few weeks in the holidays). To make up for it though, in the morning we took our Grandma out for incredibly wet coffee and cake at The Old Dairy Farm (which got consumed before I could take any photos because it’s just too damn tasty!).

I know why Nintendo describe the Wii as a type of ‘Active Play’ now – it’s so they can call your Wii arm a sporting injury and get away with it. I think my arm will enjoy the few days rest it will get while I’m back at university, but maybe I should prepare it in some way? I mean, we’ve still got another five levels to go when I get back!

P.S. – Does anyone know if you can get some sort of wire or something to connect Playstation 1’s to digital televisions? Not that we plan to be really uncool and spend our summer inside on old video games or anything…

Update – I found this on Amazon. No idea if it works or anything, but for those that were wondering I thought I would share it. 



  1. You and your sister should enjoy your break! University will be long gone before you know it. You should enjoy yourselves to the fullest. You deserve breaks anyway. The last few weeks of uni are challenging to say the least. Have a great summer, and what a great time to be young and in Great Britain.XOXO

  2. I like games too, but its hard to find ppl in my family who likes games as well.

  3. Helen

    I’d be interested to know about the PS1 and newer TVs too, hope somebody knows!

  4. One-oh-four

    Ha ha, when I was your age we got Rubik’s hand from overuse of a Rubik’s cube. How times have changed…..!
    BTW I drove through Warwick Uni this afternoon trying to find the athletics track – my 12 year old was throwing a javelin or two there in a schools tournament. I found him (and the ice cream van) eventually! Lots of students were sunning themselves by the lakes on the way up to Gibbet Hill – it looked lovely:)


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