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Anna and Leon’s Wedding

On Saturday, Rachel was bridesmaid to her friend, Anna’s, wedding. My mum and I were invited to the evening reception and Rachel took some really good photos, so this post is mostly through her eyes but there were so many good ideas throughout that I thought I’d show you anyway.

All the bridesmaids, and especially the bride, looked absolutely gorgeous and you’ll never guess what the wedding car was – a VW campervan!! How cool is that?!

The whole wedding was full of quirky little ideas that suited the couple to a tee. Look at the bridesmaid’s bouquets, for instance – they’re  little windmills with artificial flowers wound onto them with an elastic band and a pretty pink strand of string wound around the handle:

And they were completely home made! The whole wedding had this same level of effort put into it and everything worked together really well.

The wedding reception was held at Leon’s mum’s farm with a marquee decorated with tons of bunting. You can never have too much bunting at a wedding, and the whole place looked beautiful. Thankfully the weather stayed fine which must have been some sort of miracle with the weather we’ve been having lately.

The farm had a little lake on it, complete with a rowing boat which made for some lovely photos of the newly weds (and some quite worrying, wobbly moments apparently, but the wedding dress stayed dry in the end!).

Inside the marquee, and there were more unique ideas that I loved, such as the seating plan, the place settings and the table decorations:

The sweet centre pieces were also homemade and definitely got the attention they deserved after the hours I imagined it took to stick them all on there. What a brilliant idea! The flower centre pieces were all in teapots that had been collected from several car boot sales held at the farm – again, all different but all matching which seemed to be a theme running throughout the wedding.

The wedding cake was lots of cupcakes together with a huge cupcake as the main cake that they cut. (I managed to find a cake when I was there and inhaled it – literally, I actually started choking a little bit! It was worth it though, it tasted delicious!).

Surrounding the cakes were little chocolates in a hard shell that looked like silver pebbles, and Mr and Mrs sweets. They were also VERY yummy!

I’ve just realised how many photos there are already, and I haven’t even got to the best bit yet, which was… after the proper sit down meal, everyone was introduced to pudding which was ice cream. But not just any ice cream, oh no. It was ice cream – FROM AN ICE CREAM VAN!! They’d hired one for the day and Anna and Leon even got to make their own.

The second best bit (for me!) is that they also hired a burger van for the evening which meant UNLIMITED CHIPS!!! (Just don’t tell anyone I actually had my tea beforehand. I ate quite a lot of chips!).

The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone looked like they were really enjoying themselves and by that point the Pimms was flowing so everyone was happy!

We stayed for the first dance, at which point I noticed Anna’s shoes. In order to keep her beautiful red heels clean (as the farm was a little muddy), she’d changed into white pumps that had been customised for the wedding. Well, they started out white anyway…

I had such a lovely time (and picked up some great tips for my own future wedding!), and by the looks of it, so did everyone else. I’ve only been to three weddings that I can remember and they had completely different atmospheres. The first was very traditional, whilst Heather and Andy’s wedding along with Anna and Leon’s was very homemade, but each one suited the bride and groom perfectly. I think you have to be in an environment that you feel comfortable in in order to enjoy the day as much as possible and it definitely seemed like the bride and groom enjoyed themselves to the max.

Congratulations, Anna and Leon! You make the perfect couple and I wish you many happy years together. xxx




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  1. Jan

    Lovely. Best Wishes to the lucky couple.

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