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Curley Wurley Hair and 50’s Dresses

Hello again! Sorry for abandoning all of you for a bit longer than usual, I’ve had a pretty hectic few days. The first thing to note is I’VE FINISHED MY EXAMS!!! My last one was on Friday which means I’ve officially finished my first year of university. It feels so good to not be revising. I feel very guilty and naughty that I’m not working all the time and then I remember that I don’t have ANY work to do! YAY!!!

After my exam, my mum, Rachel and Padraig came and met me for lunch. We went to Varsity, one of the pubs on campus, and the food was so good! I’d heard really good things about it but I’d never eaten there myself and we all thought the food was really tasty and very good value for money. They also had a really original menu and all of us felt spoilt for choice which, all being vegetarians, doesn’t happen all that often. No-one could really decide what they wanted, so we all got different things and shared them between all of us. We shared nachos, chips, spinach and ricotta lasagne, a yummy salad topped with falafel and a burrito, all of which were gorgeous. We were all so full afterwards we could barely move, although Patch still wanted to try the ‘Devil’s chocolate’ pudding, consisting of cookies, ice cream, brownies and lots of other chocolatey goodness. We eventually persuaded him we’d come back another time and try it then before venturing out into the rain to walk back to the car.

The plan was that I would come home that Friday afternoon so I could go to a wedding on the Saturday. I was going to be dropped off again straight after the wedding, but I decided to stay until Tuesday instead. I’m staying at uni until this Friday so I can do a bit of celebrating with friends, at which point I’ll come home for good (well, until I go back in late June for a few days to pick up my dreaded results). The wedding on Saturday was for my friend Emma‘s sister, Anna, who also happens to be one of Rachel’s closest friends from secondary school. Rachel was bridesmaid which meant that as soon as we got back on Friday we spent the afternoon playing with the new straighteners trying to curl our hair. Our old straighteners gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and my mum managed to get a really good deal on the model up from the ones we had before, which is great because they have their own curling setting. They’re Remington Multi Style (Model number S6600) and I highly recommend them.

Not only do they straighten hair really nicely and quickly, but they curl it really well too. They’ve got three different curling settings depending on how loose you want your curls to be. You see the black bits along the side? Well, they just pop out, and the wider you have them, the looser your curls.

It took a while to work out how to actually do the curling, but once we’d actually read the instructions after a while we worked it out, the curls worked really well.

It was really fun having a bit of girly time and the best bit was seeing Rachel try on her beautiful bridesmaid dress. She looked absolutely stunning! All the bridesmaids had 1950’s style dresses that were individual but all tied together really well – they came from Vivian of Holloway and I am dead jealous of all of them!

And I love her shoes and the halter neck of the dress.

After this, I whisked her off to Anna’s house to do her bridesmaid duties before the big day, which I’ll write about tomorrow. They had so many original idea that I can’t wait to show you! I think I might have to steal some of them for my own wedding day!



  1. Congrats on finishing your first year at uni! Rachel, I know you will read this, that dress absolutely suits you. You look very very pretty in it. Alice, I hope you have a fantastic summer and I know your exam results will be good.

  2. eeeee can you do mine when I come home? I’ve never had curly hair!

    Rachel looks GORGEOUS.

  3. Jan

    Congrats on the finished exams!! Your sister looks gorgeous in that beautiful dress. I love the last photo where we can see you taking the photo in the mirror. 🙂

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