Just the thoughts of a girl.

On My Mind

My brain seems incapable of doing a proper post today, so I thought I’d just make a list of the little bits and bobs that are going through my head. Little gems of information that I’m sure you’re all dying to know. Get excited – I even talk about laundry at one point!

  1. It’s someone’s birthday in my flat today, which meant that at midnight last night (when I was all tucked up and soundly asleep) a lot of people crowded into our kitchen to give him a cake. This inevitably turned into a huge cake fight (at which point I was tucked up and not so soundly asleep) which ended up with cake being trodden into the carpet everywhere, smeared on the walls, all over the bath and showers… It’s not good.

  2. It’s the diamond Jubilee weekend, which I’m sure you all know. This means, of course, that there  is a four day weekend with Monday and Tuesday being bank holidays. People, as in cleaners, don’t work on bank holidays. Therefore my whole flat has to live in the squalor that has been created until Wednesday. Eurgh.

  3. I finally did my washing which I left until I had literally run out of tops because it always seems like a huge, long task when in actual fact it takes about 20 minutes out of my day.

  4. Every time I do my washing and hang it up in my room, my hands always get loads of glitter on them. I don’t own any glittery clothes and I really can’t work out where it’s coming from. Weird, huh?

  5. This is about the extent of my cooking over the last few weeks. Revision gets in the way of actually chopping and frying and stirring etc, so I just go for the old ‘boil the kettle and be done with it’ trick. (It’s the fresh pasta that takes two minutes to cook if you didn’t know. I put in a bit more effort than usual and added some broccoli, carrot and sweetcorn. It was pretty good!)

  6. Sometimes when I’m revising in my room, I can hear the person in the room next to mine singing along to his music. I don’t mind because it’s usually music that I like, Jack Johnson or something. I can also hear him burst out laughing at something obviously really funny every now and then. It makes me smile because when I’m at home in the sitting room, I hear Padraig do exactly the same thing as his room is directly above the sitting room. I like being reminded of the little things now and then.

  7. I ate my second Jubilee fairy cake today and it surprised me a bit when I took off the lid and found all the colours merged together. I quite like it though, kind of a marble effect going on.

  8. I thought I’d have a little more of a lie in than I’ve been having recently, seeming as I’ve been waking up at 7:30 every day to revise and it IS a Sunday and it IS the Jubilee weekend (which in my head makes it perfectly acceptable to have a lie in). It wasn’t a super long one – I set my watch alarm for 8:00 and my new bedside alarm for 8:05 (yes, it takes two alarms to get me out of bed). Because it had previously been set to 7:35, I just used the minute button to click it round to 8:05. Or, that’s what I thought I did. Only, if you only use the minute button, it doesn’t change the hour at all. I thought it would click over from 7:59 to 8:00, but it didn’t. This meant I was woken up at 7:05 on the day I was going to have a lie in. I went back to bed.

  9. Despite having a longer lie in, around 11:00, my eyes started drooping. So I had a wonderful 40 minute nap right in the middle of the day. The same as I did yesterday. And I felt so much better for it!

  10. The thing that’s been on my mind most recently is how I’ve nearly finished my first year of uni and sometime next week I’ll be able to go home!!! YAY! I can’t wait! There are so many things I want to do, mainly see all my siblings as it seems like ages ago I actually saw any of them. I will be sad to leave everyone from uni, but I’m sure we’ll say farewell in style with lots of drinks and lots of memories being made.


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