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A Well Needed Break

Yesterday, I had my third exam and when I’d finished, I met my mum for coffee so she could drag me away from my revision and force me to have a well needed break. I had so been looking forward to a few hours where I could just completely relax and not feel guilty about not revising, as I had a valid excuse. We went to the Costa on campus, which I always feel bad about going to when Curiositea, the quaint little tea and cake shop is right next to it, but they don’t sell paninis and my stomach was growling for something panini shaped and filled with cheese and pesto. On another note, I found out that Curiositea has made it to the Ultimate Hot Chocolate blog – how cool is that! I really like the article that was written, I think it sums up not only Curiositea, but the whole atmosphere on campus.

With my panini, I had a mango and passion fruit cooler which was fruit juice whipped up with loads of ice. It was really tasty, but SO cold! It made my teeth hurt a bit, so I warmed them up by eating the panini until some of the ice could melted and I could finish it. My mum ordered an earl grey tea, which they not only missed off the order the first time, but managed to make an everyday tea instead. We weren’t very impressed, but we were already settled down outside and neither of us are very good at the whole complaining thing, so we left it. By the time we’d both finished, it had gotten pretty cold – or was that just the fruit cooler freezing me from the inside out? – so we went back to my room to have a good old natter.

Because I have the best mum in the world, not only does she come and drive quite a long way after driving back from Portsmouth the day before just to have coffee with me (funny how I still say coffee when neither of us actually had it!), but she did a Tesco shop for me. How thoughtful! This meant I didn’t have to trek all the way to the shop this morning and could squeeze in a bit of a nap extra revision instead. Even better than just ordinary food, she bought me a few little treats, including:

Pesto pasta salad,

Some yummy pineapple,

A much needed new alarm clock,

And some fairy cakes complete with…

…Jubilee sprinkles!

I’m surprised, actually, that there aren’t any Jubilee celebrations happening on campus – not a Union Jack in site. I guess it’s exam time though, so they wouldn’t want to distract any of us from our never ending revision. I’m sure there’s enough celebrating going on across the country to make up for it though, and as I eat my red, white and blue sprinkled cakes, I’ll pretend that it’s equal to me being in London and watching the boats on the Thames and going to a street party and joining all the other things that are going on. I hope you all enjoy the super long bank holiday, anyway.


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  1. Your Mum does seem to be wonderful. It is nice that you and and your family are so close and enjoy spending time with each other.

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