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Tea Hot Chocolate

I’m not sure how familiar you are with procedures for getting into university, but basically you right a long letter explaining how brilliant you are at everything and how you being captain of the netball team in year 8 has helped you become the amazing person you are now. This gets sent off to all the universities who shamelessly judge you and then if they like you enough, they give you an offer which says – if you get these grades, we’ll accept you. This is when you get to be all judge-y and pick the university that you most want to go to as your first choice, and then pick a back up in case you don’t get the grades for your top choice.

So it was about this time last year that I knew I wanted Warwick as my first choice, so I filled in the form and submitted it online. A little while later, I got a letter through the post saying that as I’d put it as my first choice, would I like to go and visit the campus on an open day. Actually, it was more like, “Come to our campus because we want to check you out in person and give you a scary interview.” So me and my mum drove over to have a look at the campus.

Once we arrived, we were taken into a room that had lots of chairs set out in circles, so they were obviously hoping that everyone would integrate and start making friends, but it had the opposite effect as everyone was just silent or very quietly talking to whichever family member they had with them. Along one side of the room was a long table filled with urns of tea and coffee. We decided to make the most of the refreshments and get ourselves some drinks. Now, I don’t like tea or coffee, but they had a little basket with hot chocolate sachets so I tore open one of them and poured it into the bottom of my cup. I reached for the jug of hot water, but realised this particular one was empty, so I picked up the next one along. Much to my surprise when I started pouring it out, it was not actually water, but tea.

There were people either side of me, and my mum had gone to sit down again with her drink, so I did the only thing that wouldn’t look weird and keep pouring out the tea until I had a full mug. Then I go and sit down next to my mum and whisper, “Mum – I accidentally made tea hot chocolate!”. Neither one of us wanted to do the walk of shame back over to the table, so without knowing what to do, my mum silently took it from my hands and placed it under my chair before we were whisked away on a tour around campus.

It’s probably still there now, but I make an effort to stay away from that room, just in case the people at reception there remember my face. I think I’ll just stick to bottled water from now on, too!



  1. One-oh-four

    Yuck! Sounds revolting. I hate it when someone else makes tea for me and uses a teaspoon that they have already stirred their coffee with. I’m having a run on Ribena at the moment, too hot for tea.

  2. Cate

    That is so funny. Isn’t it strange how some situations intimidate us? Hope you are happy at Warwick.

  3. Melanie

    It was funny too though wasn’t it? And it really did taste disgusting. No way could we have drunk it! Our drinks today were much nicer – despite the Earl Grey turning into ‘Everyday’! X

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