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Hot Nights and ‘Banana Splits’

Revising for exams all day really makes my head fill up with gobbledey-gook and at the end of the day, I really like to try and switch from the ‘high stress, not enough time, hyperactive’ mode into the ‘trying to relax enough that I can sleep’ mode. The first thing I do is put some music on while I get ready for bed. I just type random songs into YouTube that I haven’t heard in a while and sing along while I clear my bed of all the textbooks and sheets of paper that have accumulated there during the day. There’s one song, We Are Young by Fun, that plays for exactly the length of time it takes me to brush my teeth. So that gets played every night – I’m obviously very consistent with my teeth brushing!

After that I turn out most of the lights and read some of my book whilst trying to acclimatise my body to the sweltering temperatures the duvet provides. After a few pages my eyes usually start to droop, so I put my book down and turn out the remaining light. And then it begins. The constant rearrangement of the cover to try and get the right temperature. What with my room practising being a greenhouse during the day, along with the other hundreds of people’s in my block, it gets pretty warm. And by warm, I mean it feels like you’re sitting in an oven. I already toss and turn all night long usually, but when it’s this hot I wake up when I do it until I find a cooler position. Today I woke up pressed against the cool wall alongside my duvet like a caterpillar. I think I’d been hugging it so it wouldn’t fall on the floor, too!

I think that shows how much I move around in my sleep. I didn’t do any of that consciously – not even moving the pillows! It might be because of my exams too – I’ve had it several times before when I’ve woken up the wrong end of my bed, and once I was the wrong way round and actually inside my duvet. I’d unbuttened it and climbed inside in my sleep!

On a totally different topic, my bananas somehow started to unpeel themselves which means I’ll have to eat them all today or tomorrow at the latest. I already had one for breakfast, so I’ve got three left to go!

How annoying is that?

And it had to be bananas didn’t it. It couldn’t have been my galaxy chocolate cake bars that just miraculously appeared with tears in all the corners so they had to be eaten all at once, could it?

Stupid nature vs plastic wrappers.



  1. you need a 4.5 tog duvet! we have a spare, do you want it? xx

    • I’m alright, thanks. I’ve only got a week and a half left, so I should be able to cope xx

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