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An Indulgence

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, I’m just about to take my end-of-first-year uni exams and there are SO many little details to remember that my life at the moment is pretty much just revision. I mean, this is my daily schedule:

7:30 – Wake up, have breakfast while looking at Facebook, emails etc.

8:15 – Start revising

12:00 – Have lunch

12:30 – Revise

7:00 – Have tea

8:30 – Revise

10:00 – Collapse

Obviously I have breaks between each lecture that I go over, but they only really last a maximum of ten minutes because I start to feel guilty if I stop for any longer than that. So, I’ve been pretty stressed out lately and my mum, being the wonderful person that she is, sent me this beautiful card to try and cheer me up and to wish me luck in my exams.

It was even signed by all of our animals, too!

Inside the card was a Tesco gift card with a message on the outside to ‘Treat Yourself’. My mum explained in the card that she was going to send me a parcel full of chocolate and other nice things but remembered that the postal room is a good half hour walk away from me and, well, you saw how full my schedule is!

So when I went to Tesco this morning, treat myself is exactly what I did. Everything that I usually wish I could put in my trolley jumped in there and I didn’t feel guilty about it. Too much. I bought a spinach and pinenut pasta salad, which is basically the same as the one I made here. I also bought some orange juices which I’ve been putting off buying because they’ve stopped doing the value ones and these are 99p for three! Considering I drink one every morning for breakfast, that adds up a bit.

When you treat yourself, you haven’t done it properly unless chocolate’s involved somewhere, so I bought some galaxy cake bars. The last thing on my ‘treat list’ was a new pack of fancy pens. These were just made for revising and I’m very careful that I don’t waste any of the ink because they’re really expensive! But my other ones completely ran out due to their recent overuse, so I popped them in the trolley too.

So there you have it – my little indulgence this week. Although, looking at it now it doesn’t really seem that ‘indulge-y’, but I’ve never been a big spender on unnecessary things. I’m not really a very good shopper overall really, I’d much rather have money in the bank than an expensive cardigan or a designer top. But the things I bought made me happy – especially the pasta salad! That went very quickly, and I managed to get the oil everywhere but it was worth it!

It was amazing how much these little extra things that I try and avoid each week added to the cost of the shop. I can usually do a week’s shop for in between £7 and £13, unless everything happens to run out at the same time when it could be as high as about £20. This time though, my bill came to £27! It just shows how all that will power adds up over the weeks and it was good to be able to have some nice different things without feeling guilty about spending that little bit extra.

I’ll be so relieved when my exams are over and I can go and lounge about in the sun like everyone else is doing. If you’ve had that opportunity this weekend, please appreciate it! Just think of little old me stuck here working in my hot room and it should make the sunshine that little bit brighter.



  1. PushDumpFatButton

    Reblogged this on Push Dump Fat Button.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. A levels are BLEURGGGGGH. But perhaps revise outside? It makes it seem a bit better..good luck!

  3. One-oh-four

    LOL I am obsessed with those pens too – I use all the nicest colours up first though and then am left with the dark green and brown every time…..but my classes love that my marking is in different colours and not just red like everyone else’s.

    Sad that you are stuck inside revising – not much longer now though and it will all be worth it when you get good grades!

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