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Dodgy Hips and An Evening Walk

Yesterday I had to have an MRI scan to investigate my dodgy hips that I’ve had some trouble with over the years. You’re not allowed to wear anything with metal on for an MRI scan, so me and my mum spent a while coming up with possible outfits. I ended up wearing a black stretchy skirt and a T-shirt with a bikini top on underneath which got me some interesting looks on the way to the hospital! At least it was sunny so I could’ve just looked like I’d been wearing my bikini sunbathing or something (which I’d never do). It also meant I had to take off my wristband from the DW canoe race which I’d managed to keep on for over a year. I thought I might be able to wiggle it off without cutting it and someone suggested the heat from a shower might help. So once I was in the shower, I wiggled it and screwed my hand up in all sorts of positions and it eventually popped off. It was very sad to have it come off, but it can be a right pain sometimes, getting caught on everything all the time.

I didn’t really know what to expect with an MRI, I mean obviously I’ve seen pictures of them around – those huge white tubes, but I didn’t know how it would feel to be inside one or how long they lasted or anything. I’m usually OK with most scary things like this, but it was pretty horrible. I wouldn’t have minded if I could have moved slightly now and then, but they actually strap your body down, so you can’t move much at all. And of course, because I couldn’t move, I instantly got an itch on my leg and after a few minutes I was desperate to shift position, but couldn’t.

I asked the nice lady who helped me onto the board that you lie on how long it would take and she said it would last about twenty minutes. Now twenty minutes is quite a long time for just lying still with no entertainment and it’s impossible to tell how quickly time’s passing when you have nothing to base it on. I ended up closing my eyes for most of the time and when it was over, the man controlling the machine said he thought I’d fallen asleep. I think I would have done if I could have rolled onto my side – they did give me a lovely soft cushion and some ear protectors to keep the noise out after all!

They were only taking the scan yesterday and it takes a while to process it all, so I was allowed to come back to uni straight away. It had a been a beautifully sunny day and I’d been cooped up revising, so I took my mum on a little walk up to where I have my lectures so I could hand in a lab report. This meant I could take my camera and snap some pretty pictures to show you where I walk to my lectures every morning. And it’s probably the best time to show you too, because it’s bluebell season!

This is the pathway connecting the main campus to the life science campus. On either side is wooded land which is full of bluebells at the moment.

When we reached the top, there was a gorgeous sunset right over the campus. I tried to be stealthy taking these photos because at the start of term an animal rights activist broke into the uni and stole a lab coat whilst looking for animal testing stuff, so security’s been increased loads. We’ve been told to look out for suspicious behaviour and here I am after hours with a camera and someone who obviously isn’t a student at the university. No-one saw me though, so it was ok!

There were also loads of rabbits skittering about everywhere. My camera isn’t very good, so doesn’t show them well but if you look closely, you can see a few white tails in the next two pictures.

It was really nice to see that part of the university in the evening, because I’m only ever there during the day. It’s such a beautiful campus and I’m so glad I chose it – the beautifulness was actually my main reason for choosing it, but if anyone asks say I meticulously compared all of the league tables or something, ok? 🙂


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  1. Rachel

    Did you know that the white bits of the rabbit’s tails are called scuts? x x

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