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Scrub A Dub Dub

I had an exam today – just a little tiny one that really doesn’t count for much, but I was up quite late revising last night. I was aware that I would probably do better if I could keep my eyes open so wanted to go to bed as soon as possible, but I decided to have a shower in the evening instead of early in the morning so I could squeeze in a bit more sleep time by letting my hair dry in bed. I knew that I was running out of shampoo, but I hate to waste things so I told myself I could get one more shower out of the bottle that was nearly finished and didn’t bother to put the new bottle in my wash bag.

So, off I go to have my shower (remember I live in accommodation where I have to share the bathrooms with 15 other people). I wet my hair, pick up the shampoo bottle and squeeze it, and absolutely nothing comes out. Not one drop. So I shake it – still nothing. Then I tried my old party trick of taking off the whole of the top of the bottle (which is very hard with slippery wet hands!), sticking my finger in there and scraping out as much as I can. That’s when I realise that I had made a massive mistake in not bringing the new bottle with me, as the bottle was pretty much dry. I managed to get the tiny bit that was in there out and put it in my hair, but it really wasn’t enough. I considered jumping out of the shower and running down the hallway to get the new bottle, but with slightly bubbly hair and a long hallway, I decided against it.

My second party trick of the night was to put a bit of water in the bottom of the bottle, put my hand over the hole and shake it about. This liquid is now sacred in my eyes, and I don’t want to lose a drop. I pour it out bit by bit into my hand and apply to different bits of my hair in an attempt to get decent coverage. I just about managed it by the time the bottle was empty.

This is about the time I realise that my shower is not becoming the quick in-and-out job I’d hoped it would be. In fact this might possibly have been the worst shower I’ve ever had. Because it was about this time that I realised I didn’t have my shower gel with me. I must have left it in the bathroom the last time and someone must have taken it because I can’t find it anywhere. So usually if I was in this situation, I would use some shampoo on my puffy shower thing instead, but the bottle was empty. I couldn’t use conditioner, and I didn’t want to have to have another shower in the morning because I’d be really tired. The only thing I could think of to do was to lower my head to the puffy shower thingy and squeeze out some of the bubbly shampoo from my hair onto it.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m really classy.

It was a real fail of a shower, but I did save myself from opening the new bottle of shampoo which, in the end, was the original aim. I just made sure I put loads of deodorant on in the morning and it must have worked, because I didn’t get any weird looks during the day!



  1. I don’t know how you made a post about a shower entertaining, but I am sitting here giggling at your story. Have a wonderful weekend and repack that shower bag. 🙂

  2. Jan

    Pretty creative actually. I bet your next shower felt really indulgent with ample soap and shampoo and all. 😉

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