Just the thoughts of a girl.

Summer Time Musings

There’s a certain atmosphere around uni at the moment. It’s a sense of things that are about to happen. Everyone’s cramming in lots of last minute work for the exams they’re about to take, but it’s not just that. As you walk around, you can hear lawnmowers cutting the grass and there’s a beautiful smell of wild flowers and pollen everywhere you go. To get to my lectures, I have to walk about 15 minutes up a hill which has wooded area on either side of it. I noticed today that all along the side of the path, the grass is growing out of control, there are wild flowers sprouting up all over the place and lots of insects everywhere. On the main campus, the ice cream van visits every day, sitting and lurking, waiting for people to give in to the temptation. And then I realised what the atmosphere was. It’s the realisation that spring has properly started and soon it will be summer. A summer of no work, lots of free time to see old friends and do nice things with families. A summer of playing with pets, of sitting in the garden and drinking Pimms, of going on picnics and walks in the woods, flying kites and reading all day long.

I was sat in my room the other evening when I heard a very familiar tune. I looked out of my window, and sure enough the ice cream van sailed along almost within reaching distance. A few minutes later, it came back again and stopped, looking at me and begging me to buy an ice cream. I managed to resist and it went along its merry way, but today I just couldn’t help myself. The weather was quite warm and all my friends were buying them too, so I gave in. This is the first ice cream I’ve had from an ice cream van in years, and it bought back so many memories. It’s amazing what floods back to you just from the taste of the strawberry sauce and the crunch of the cone – so many times of shouting, “Can we have an ice cream?!” as soon as we heard the music, running around frantically for enough change to buy one each, all those times on all those beaches eating them whilst shivering just to make a point. It was so good!

I did have quite a job unlocking my door whilst carrying my bag, a folder and a drippy ice cream, but I managed it. I couldn’t resist the temptation of the flake and the sauce before I got into my room though, so you’ll just have to imagine the beauty of this ice cream.

Yes, soon it will be summer. And I can’t wait for the days of wearing shorts and strappy tops and the barbecues and the water fights… oh, I could go on and on. But I also realise, that when those days come, I’ll have to leave my friends from uni, leave this beautiful campus and my hot, small, but all-my-own room and although there are so many more things that will make up for it, I will miss them.

Although I’m sure a few more ice creams will help with that.


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