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My Library Adventure

Well, yesterday was the day of the big library experiment to see what impact it made on my revision by working there early in the morning. And because I knew I had to wake up early, my book naturally had a ginormous chapter waiting for me when I read it before bed so I ended up putting it down mid chapter at 10 past midnight. And then for some reason I couldn’t get to sleep till about one in the morning. This is so unlike me – I usually fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! And I found out I have some sort of weird body clock thing going on because even after that late night I woke up half an hour before my alarm, like I have been doing the last few days, even though my alarm was set for QUARTER PAST SEVEN!

That’s the strange thing about university life, your timing gets completely skewed by all the late nights and lie ins so I obviously wasn’t as tired as I thought I was. I managed to be ready for eight, which is when I was supposed to be meeting my friends, but one of them found it a little harder getting up so early than me, so we only made it to the library at about twenty to ten. While we were there (after we’d traipsed around trying to find somewhere to sit), I actually got quite a bit done. We were in the silent area which was a bit scary at first, but it definitely forces you to work because there’s just nothing else to do! We had lectures starting at twelve, so we only stayed for just over an hour and a half before we had to leave, but after the lectures we decided to go back again.

Between the lectures and the library, we went back to our own rooms for toilet breaks and a bite to eat – and this is when I managed to get trapped in the loo by a cleaner. I went to the loo and saw when I walked down the corridor that the cleaner was hoovering the floors. I went and ‘did my thing’ and just as I was washing my hands, I heard the hoover get really loud and sort of bang against the toilet door. But she continued doing this for what seemed like ages! And I was in a bit of a hurry because I was meant to be meeting my friends again and I didn’t want them to think I’d spent that long in the loo, as you can imagine! Eventually she moved away and I could escape, but I think I’ll be more wary of cleaners from now on!

We went back to the library only to find it completely different from our last visit. Early in the morning, it was busy but there were still enough spaces around that the three of us could find desks next to each other. Now though it was… well, the only way I can describe it is how you’d imagine the inside of an ants nest to be. Most of the desks were taken and just when you’d think you’d got lucky with an empty one, you’d see someone’s stuff splayed out all over it; and then there were the people like us who were wondering around trying to find places to work. This made it quite awkward in the narrow isles when you had to squeeze past each other. The library has five floors and we literally walked along every isle on every floor trying to find seats before we gave up and went back – so we gave it a good try!

(My work of art interpretation of an ant nest library).

So, things I’ve learnt about the library:

  • If you’re going to go, go early.
  • The silent area, although scary, does help with the concentration (note to self, don’t sit by the lifts so you don’t have to listen to the ‘Dong!’ every two seconds).
  • People get angry when you sit at a desk with a plug socket and don’t have a laptop.
  • It would make a great place to play hide and seek.

I think we’re going to keep going at the crack of dawn until our exams, because while I’m there I do get a lot done and it actually motivates me to work in my room afterwards as well, because I know there are all those people working in the library and it’s not just me having to do it. I will have to learn to go to bed earlier though, because after two days of getting up at 7:15, I’m knackered! It’s weird, at home, 11:00 seems late for going to bed, but here there are people running about and shouting and screaming till gone 1am, so going to bed at midnight still seems early. Now though, I am SO ready for an early night! I’m looking forward to my 11:30 bed time already.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures, there’s not very much to photograph when you’re staring at a book all day. I’m also sorry that I’ve just been rambling on about revising for the last few posts, it’s just taking up my life at the moment. In a few weeks, normal posts will return (and they’ll be filled with happy thoughts because I’ll have done my exams and I’ll have some free time. Yay for free time!). Anyway, I promise my next post will have absolutely NOTHING about revision in it. And I’ll do my best with some photos.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I like the idea of an ant library, all of them rushing around trying to find a good book. Make the most of your Uni life, quarter past seven isn’t early – my alarm goes off at 5.15am and I have to start work at 6.30am urgh!! Quarter past seven is a lie-in for me lol.

  2. One-oh-four

    Is there still a library in the Biology department (used to be on a sort of mezzanine floor over the dining hall)? Could you work in there instead of on the main campus? At least you’ll be handy for your lectures. I spent hours in there whilst I was doing my PhD and it was only ever half-full. Maybe things have changed though – it was 20 years ago!

    • There is a much smaller place in the Biology department (not over the dining hall – that’s a huge room full of mac computers now), but it’s always completely full – there are only about 20 computers. Thanks for the thought though!

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