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Early Mornings

Since I came back to uni from my weekend at home, I’ve been waking up quite early in the mornings. Now, I think I should probably clarify what I mean by quite early. I mean I’m waking up before my alarm. That’s set for 10:30. So, to most of you, that’s probably not early but it somehow makes a big difference to my day. It means I get to wake up slowly and have a few minutes just daydreaming in my bed before I fully wake up and get up. It also means I have some spare time before my lectures, so after I’ve had breakfast, trawled through Facebook and Twitter and whatever else I can find on the internet, I do a bit of sneaky, unplanned revision. I don’t usually have time to get loads done, but it really makes the workload seem less and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a lot more than I would have done.

This week, my friends and I are trying something out. We’re going to wake up super early (like, 7:30 or 8:00) and head over to the library. We have lectures at 12:00, so we’ll only be there for a few hours, but we’re seeing if it’ll make a big difference to our revision. Personally, I’m not optimistic. I’m not very good at functioning when I’ve just woken up and I don’t think the library environment will suit my type of revision. I like to spread everything out all over the place (my bed comes in very handy for this) and I like to work for a set amount of time before having a timed break, which usually involves the internet/eating/spinning on my chair/singing to music/reading my book and I’m just not sure this behaviour is encouraged in the library. I know certain floors have different rules, so there are places where I can be slightly louder, but that just means everyone else will be equally loud. If they could provide a place where I was allowed to be as noisy as I wanted, but everyone else had to be quite, that would be perfect. I think I should present this idea to the library staff – I’m sure they’d go for it.

While we’re on the subject of waking up early, I’ll tell you about my little alarm clock drama. Because there’s no space in our rooms for a bedside table, I used to have to leave my alarm clock on the floor next to me bed. That was until I walked across the room and caught it with my foot so it shot across the room and slammed into my door. It still tells the time, but the alarm no longer works. I was quite upset about this because my friend gave it to me nearly seven years ago when she moved to New Zealand. Anyway, I use the alarm on my watch now, which is a nice beeping that’s just loud enough to wake you up without startling you. Only, it randomly decides not to go off now and then. This means I have to set two alarms – one on my watch, and one on my phone. My phone alarm always makes me jump awake, so I set it just after my watch one. I have to make sure I remember to switch it off before it starts though because otherwise I come back from going to the loo and find my whole room vibrating with the alarm!

No space for a bedside table.

My make shift bedside table.

I started writing this post as a forced break from revision due to a group of rowdy boys playing football outside my room, and they’re showing no sign of stopping (damn this beautifully gorgeous sunny weather! At least wait till I can go and play outside too!), so I think I’ll just have to take an even longer break and then maybe cook some tea.

I feel like a nosey neighbour, but at least I didn’t actually twitch the net curtains! And they are VERY loud.

I’ll report back with how the early morning ‘revising’ goes. I just hope no-one finds me slumped at a desk with me head on a keyboard dribbling and snoring away.



  1. Liz T

    I wonder if something like one of those hospital type over the bed tables would work Alice? At least it would give you somewhere to put things without slipping on them and causing malfunctions! Oh, I’ve finished Wolf Brother, off to download the rest of the series to my kindle. Great story and not suitable yet for my grandsons’ (they’re 6 & 4) but it won’t be too long and grandma has to check out their reading material for suitability doesn’t she? She doesn’t? Oh!

    • I’m so glad you liked it. The series gets better too, although you kind of have to make an effort to stick with it for the last few books – there are SEVEN in total if I remember rightly.

  2. Rosy Nancarrow

    Ooh, Her Fearful Symmetry, that’s a really good one. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    • Just getting to the end of it now – bit darker than my usual kind of book, but weirdly addictive!

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