Just the thoughts of a girl.

A Wasted Day

Man, have I had a crazy day today! I stumbled out of bed at ten to eight so I would be bright eyed and bushy tailed (as in, not wearing my pyjamas) for my nine o’ clock lecture. Only, 15 minutes into the lecture and the lecturer still wasn’t there. He just didn’t bother to turn up for some reason or other. What a waste of a lie in! After that, I had to stand next to a poster my tutor group had to make for a group project and be asked all the wrong questions by a modulator, resulting in me being humiliated by not knowing the right answers.

Next up, I had a two hour revision session for my least favourite subject. Although, I think it’s my least favourite because we have a Russian lecturer (not that I have anything against Russian lecturers!) who has a really, really thick strong accent worthy of the ‘Compare the Market’ advert and who randomly slips into Russian if he forgets the English word. I think he’s probably a nice person and a very clever one at that, he just doesn’t understand what we’re asking him and we don’t understand much of his answers. So, that was very productive as you can imagine!

Thankfully we were graced with an hour to eat some lunch and rewire our brains after the revision session (this is a very complicated procedure involving Angry Birds and some shortbread). Then we trailed off to a computer room for our lab. I bet labs sound interesting, don’t they – they did to me at first – and some of them are. But not this one. This one involved a computer simulation of some flies that you can make have lots of babies (doesn’t sound too bad yet…) and then you have to look at each baby computer fly and make a tally of whether it was normal, had weird wings or was a different colour (still not sounding too bad…). Do you know how many baby computer flies we had to¬†categorise? 950! Nine. Hundred. And. Flipping. Fifty. This took an hour and a half and then we were done. I’m not too sure what skills we gained during that session, but they must have been pretty important to make up for the complete boredom and monotonous-ness of the lab. (I think the actual brain power is required for the question sheet we’ve got, but still – THEY COULD HAVE GIVEN US THE DAMN NUMBERS!!!!)

Sorry – do I sound angry? I’m not that angry. I’m just bored and frustrated with the way I feel I’ve wasted a lot of my time today when I have so much revision to get through before my exams.

On the plus side, I found a pack of pretty pens hidden on my desk that I though had run out but are actually new – score!


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