Just the thoughts of a girl.


Today, I…

… woke up and thought it had snowed – it turned out to be cherry blossom that had escaped the tree…

… played Jenga with my textbooks…

… tried to be healthy by snacking on cashew nuts (after eating a cheese and onion roll, crisps and a cookie, oops! I blame it on revision)…

… played with my new highlighter…

… hoped my bananas won’t get too brown by Saturday when I can get some more. I think they go brown quickly because they live next to my warm laptop charger, but I’m too lazy to think of a new place for them, so there they shall stay…

… plan on catching up with Desperate Housewives and finishing off the rest of my Easter egg.

Tonight will be a good night.


1 Comment

  1. One-oh-four

    Stryer! I spy Stryer! I still use my copy of Stryer, it must be 20 years old. Mine is bright blue with red writing on the spine and it is my go-to reference for all things biochemical. Hope your revision is going well!

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