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Home Is Where The Mum Is

I’m back at home this weekend to compete in a canoe race tomorrow. My mum’s been visiting Heather for a few days with my grandma, which meant that when I arrived last night, I came home to an empty house as both Patch and my dad were out. It was very strange and really quiet which our house is usually anything but. I was expecting to come home to a bunch of rowdy teenagers as Padraig was meant to have friends over but a change of plan meant that he was out somewhere else instead. The weirdest thing was being in the house without my mum. She’s always there when I come back from uni – that’s just where she is!

I gave her a ring in the evening to find out that she and my grandma were having a lovely time, but that she was sorry she couldn’t be there to welcome me home. Whenever I do come home, my mum usually gets me a small bunch of flowers to put in my room just to make it seem a bit fresher, but obviously this time she couldn’t because she’d left a few days before I got home so they would have gone off. When I pulled my duvet over to get into bed though, I found another of her notes which apologised for the lack of flowers and to make up for it, she’d cut out a picture of some lilies! How thoughtful and surprising – I love it!

She needn’t have worried though, because after I’d been home for a while and made use of the free remote, my dad arrived home with a fresh bunch of flowers and a bar of chocolate which I plan to put in my Emergency Chocolate tin.

It was just a very odd evening having just two males for company – it ended up with me and Padraig showing each other music clips on YouTube trying to outdo each other with better songs, which I think was just another form of procrastination from the dreaded revision! Anyway, my mum’s back now and she bought Heather (and the bump!) with her, which is even better. Lots of poking, prodding and rubbing to be done along with imaginary baby clothes shopping I suspect.

What are you doing with your weekend?


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