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One of Those Days

You know when you wake up only to realise that your alarm should have gone off half an hour ago and the rest of the day sort of follows suit with rubbishness? Well, yesterday was one of those days. I woke up late and only had a cereal bar for breakfast because I’d run out of apples and bananas (I’m still sticking to my meagre attempt at being healthy). Then, when I was walking up to the lecture with my friends, I find it’s not just one lecture, but a lecture, an hour talk on an integrated year and then an hour talk on how to pass (or not fail quite so miserably in my case!) our exams.

We finally reached the life sciences campus that’s slightly set away from the main campus and as I walk through the ‘automatic’ doors, they close on me. This is because of a new increase on security developed because an animal rights activist managed to follow some people in and have a snoop around before stealing a lab coat. Apparently they got stopped when a lab technician asked for I.D. and the guy ran, only to be tackled to the ground by this lab tech.! All very dramatic and now we have to have our I.D. cards on us at all times, there are random security people there all the time and, as I found out yesterday, the automatic doors don’t have sensors any more and close after a few seconds to prevent people tailgating. This resulted in me literally being thrown sideways into my friends, so now I always hold the door back with my hand before I go through it.

I went to Costcutters yesterday to top up my low stock of bananas and apples, which I’m always hesitant to do because the fruit there is usually really manky. I only wanted three bananas because I’m going home this weekend to do a canoe race, but this ended up with me having a huge wrestle in the shop trying to break off two bananas from a bunch of five. The bananas won and I just ended up going to the till all hot and sweaty with a bunch of five slightly bruised bananas. So not only have I got manky fruit to eat now, but I’ve got lots of it that needs to be eaten before Friday afternoon.

The reason I ran out of fruit was because I’ve just completely neglected all of my ‘household chores’, you know, like shopping, laundry, tidying etc. Not all of it’s my fault – all of the washing machines have been out of order since we had a power cut a little while ago, which means my bag of laundry is overflowing. Thankfully I can take it all back home to wash, but I’ve had to wear the same pair of jeans for a week!

I’ve been back for one and a half weeks now and my food stock is dangerously low. Not only that, but I defrosted one of those Jus-roll packs of puff pastry to use and because I’d already frozen it and it was going to go off, I ended up having a puff pastry feast! I had puff pastry pizza one night and made a puff pastry pasty for lunch the next day. I had to use the puff pastry and the last bits of vegetables that I had, and due to my lack of imagination, just had puff pastry pizza again for the second night in a row. I’m seriously pastried out. I think I’ll have pasta tonight – that’s about all I’ve got left!

Well, I think that’s all of my moaning down on paper. Sorry for being on the receiving end, but it feels much better now it’s all out! It’s definitely good to have a big old rant now and then to get things off your chest, don’t you think? I hope all of your days have been better than mine!

What unfortunate things have happened to you lately?


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