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Orange Soup

The time has inevitably come where I am swamped with work and revision and the only fun in my day comes from going overboard with my highlighter. Oh, and eating Pringles. I knew this time would come and so I prepared for it by taking lots of photos when I made some soup at home with my mum. So I can now share the wonders of how to make it with you rather than trying to explain the steady-state approximation and understanding the laws of thermodynamics.

This soup is very easy to make and is known in our house as Orange Soup. Not because it has oranges in it, by the way, but because it is orange. It doesn’t really taste like carrot soup and the first time I had it, I couldn’t tell what type it was, so I just called it Orange Soup.

The great thing about this soup (and most other soups actually) is that you can basically throw whatever leftover vegetables you’ve got in it – it doesn’t need specific measurements of anything, so you can’t really go too wrong with it. These are the ingredients you’ll need – lots of carrots (however many you have), some lentils (about a bowlful), some potatoes (four large ones with the bad bits chopped off in this case), some garlic (three cloves?) and a vegetable stock cube.

The first thing to do is to get peeling – all the carrots and potatoes need to be peeled. If you don’t have guinea pigs, you’ll just have to imagine the insistent squeaking as they anticipate all of the fresh peelings they’ll be getting.

Give them a wash and then chop them up into chunks. It doesn’t really matter how big or small – they’re all going to be whizzed up anyway – but the bigger they are the longer they’ll take to cook. Next, peel the garlic and crush it up or cut it into tiny pieces. Then put everything into a big pan and add enough water to almost cover everything.


Make up the vegetable stock as the instructions say on the packet, and then add that in along with the lentils.

Pop the lid on and leave on a medium/low heat until the vegetables have softened. The time this takes will depend on how big your vegetables were chopped up, but ours took around 20 minutes. After this, leave it to cool for a bit before the fun part starts – the whizzing of the soup! Just put all the soup into a food blender bit by bit until it’s as smooth as a smooth thing.

Then put it back in the saucepan to heat up properly again and serve with home made soup-bread (which I might write a recipe of how to do someday. It’s bread specifically made to eat soup with and is all crusty with bits of melty cheese in and chilli flakes and all other good stuff like that. It’s YUM).

And there you have it – Orange Soup. Really, this is just a base, an outline, of a soup. Try it once and think how you might change it – what would you add to make it more suited to you? Some chilli flakes in the soup, maybe? Some more or different vegetables? That’s the great thing about cooking, you can take something simple from somebody and turn it into your own, original, fantastically complicated thing that’s perfectly suited to you. It just takes a bit of experimenting.




  1. I can relate to the highlighters. Nice soup! And good luck for those pesky exams (: x

  2. I’ve never made soup since cookery at school and I’m pretty sure that would’ve been tomato. Must do it though as it isn’t really difficult is it.

  3. Jan

    I have not made soup with carrots as the main igredient but I might have to try it now. I would love to see that bread recipe! It all looks so yummy.

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