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Pesto Pasta Salad

Last week when I was at home, I did the Tesco shop with my mum and was really looking forward to getting one of the pesto pasta salads as a treat for lunch, but when we got there it was the ONLY salad pot thingy that they didn’t have in stock. Why does that always happen? Anyway, we decided that we didn’t need their fancy one in a pot with pretty butterfly pasta – we’d make our own when we got home. So as soon as we got in, I put on some normal, boring penne pasta to start boiling so it would cook while we (and by we, I mean my mum) put the food away.

When it was done, I toasted some pine nuts by just heating them in a frying pan without any oil. You have to watch them quite carefully because when they start to toast, they do it really quickly. Pine nuts are also quite expensive, so you could always use cashew nuts or something similar, but we thought we’d try and recreate the Tesco version completely the first time and then adapt it if we did it again.

After that, I rinsed some spinach and roughly chopped it so there were some big bits and some small bits.

We tipped the pasta into a bowl and added two big spoonfuls of pesto and a drizzle of oil before mixing it all up.

Then we just added the spinach and pine nuts and mixed it some more.



(I don’t know why the light’s so yellow-ey in the kitchen!)

I had mine with some houmous and it was absolutely delicious – and it was so easy to do!. So delicious and easy in fact that we made some more for lunch the next day too. If you like this sort of thing, I would really recommend trying this recipe. It just tastes so much better when you’ve made it yourself!




  1. Melanie

    Mmmmm. …You’re right it really was tasty. And it looks lovely in your photos too.Must try that again very soon. Maybe with a few chilli flakes added and chopped cashew nuts.


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