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Emergency Chocolate

So, I’m back at uni. Back to the revision, back to the power naps and back to the washing up. But I was more prepared to come back this time and I’m ready to work. I’m also prepared for the down times and revision breaks – I tell you, one thing the Easter holidays are brilliant for is stocking up on supplies of Emergency Chocolate. I came up with the idea of Emergency Chocolate about halfway through the first term when I was swamped with work and completely homesick. It is a supply of chocolate that can only be eaten in times when nothing else will make you feel better. I even have an Emergency Chocolate tin that my friend Kathryn (who got this cushion for her birthday) gave me before I came to uni or for my birthday, I can’t quite remember.

The tin can contain any type of chocolate that I bring with me from home, or if I buy an extra chocolate bar when I do my food shop or something. At the moment, it’s not actually very full, hosting just the leftover Christmas stock of Emergency Chocolate. Mmm, I just opened the tin to take this next photo and it smells completely of  yummy chocolate.

But the tin is only low on stock because the Easter supplies are TOO BIG!! That is the best reason to have an empty Emergency Chocolate tin. So at the moment, I have an entire section of my shelf dedicated to Emergency Chocolate – how great is that?!

And not only that. Oh no. The real reason for this post was to show you the latest addition to my tin family. This is my nice-baked-things-from-home tin.

Isn’t it pretty! It matches my oven gloves and tea towels (I do have a tea towel with teapots on too, but it’s in use at the moment and a little grubby).

My mum bought me the tin not only because of its prettiness, but because if she comes to visit she brings home made yummy things in a tin. So now, I have my own tin that looks pretty in my room for the sole purpose of holding nice, unhealthy things to snack on. When I opened it for the first time yesterday, this is what I discovered:

I also found a note tucked under my duvet and realised that all of my photos on my wall that had started to come a bit unstuck had been carefully pushed back into place. All of this had been done while I nipped into the kitchen to put things in the fridge. It reminds me of whenever I’d go on school trips and I’d open up my suitcase to find a cute card or piece of paper with a note on it from my mum telling me that she loved me and that she hoped I’d have a nice time. Is there anything better? I think not.

So over this exam period, when I feel the workload pressing down on me and feel like curling up on my bed and ignoring the world, I’ll take a few deep breaths, eat a cookie, read the note and get back to work.


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