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The Old Dairy Farm

This morning, me and my mum picked up my grandma and went to the Old Dairy Farm in a nearby village. It was quite sunny, although there were a few dark clouds looming, and the countryside looked beautiful.

When we arrived, we were happy to discover sheep with newborn lambs in one of the old barns. They were so sweet and had little high pitched voices, and they were very brave coming right up to the gate where we were standing.

Right at the back of the car park, there’s a spot that gives the best views of the countryside, and there’s always some interesting type of animals in the field there. Sometimes there a llamas, but today it was rams with huge curly wurly horns.

We said hello to the cockatiel  on our way in and spent a good few minutes whistling at him to see if he’d whistle back, which he did eventually. His little green and yellow budgie friends were so loud, chirping all the time!

Our main purpose for the visit was, of course, coffee and cake (they do THE BEST cake here), but when we got to the tea rooms there was a sign saying they were closed for a wedding all day. How disappointing! But they saw our disappointed faces and felt sorry for us and told us they could serve us in a little side room in about 10 minutes, so we wondered around a few of the shops for a while. I really love the shops they have there – they’re full of country things like preserves and shortbread, cake cases and wire egg holders, that sort of thing.

We headed back to the tea rooms and were shown into the little side room. We passed the main room where the wedding reception was being held and it looked amazing! Bunting was strung up everywhere and little tea cups were placed carefully on the circular tables. Everyone was very busy preparing the food and doing last minute touches to the table clothes. We were sat next to a stack of boxes containing some very pretty looking tea pots – I think I’d like something similar at my wedding.

I wasn’t sure if it was ok to take photos, but I just couldn’t resist taking one sneaky one on the way out because it looked so pretty – I didn’t want you to miss out!

We ordered our drinks and cake and were stuffed and very satisfied when we’d finished. The slices here are always huge with a good smothering of icing.

On our way back to the car, I couldn’t resist having one more look at the lambs. There was one little one right at the front which looked like its skin was too big for it.

Isn’t it sweet?! All in all, it was a lovely day out and the weather stayed fine, so hopefully the bride and groom had a nice day for their wedding. I hope they liked the reception decoration as much as I did!



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