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Friends, Food and Cocktails

On Saturday, it was my friend Emma’s birthday and yesterday we met up to go for an Indian to celebrate. This meant that yesterday I also had to go running round the shops in search of a present (because I’m really organised and buy all my presents at least a week before, not). I knew what I was going to get her – Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. I recommended it to Emma, but thought I would actually buy it for her, although wherever I looked, I could NOT see it! I looked in all the shops and eventually went back to the one where I’d started to do a more thorough search. I’d assumed it would be in the teenage fiction section, but on closer inspection it was in the 9-12 bit! How embarrassing! I must admit that the first time I read it was a few years ago, but I still would never put it in the 9-12 section. And they’ve changed the cover and the font to make it more child-friendly, so no wonder I didn’t spot it at first. I decided I’d buy it anyway seeming as I’d been looking for it for approximately 4 bazillion hours. She seemed to be happy with it, anyway.

Although my other friend, Leah, definitely outdid me on the present front with a recipe book with all the recipes they cook at uni together and a beautiful Cath Kidston purse.

There’s only one Indian restaurant that we really go to and we love it. It’s in Northampton and has a brilliant atmosphere and is usually busy and bustling and filled with loud, happy chatter (not so much on a Monday night though!). Whenever we go to Northampton together though, we always have an interesting journey. The first time, we missed the turning three, yes THREE, times – each resulting in a 15 minute detour through one way systems. The second time, my car ended up getting locked in a car park overnight (no fine though, so that was good! Just had to get the train home and parents to pick us up at midnight instead. They didn’t mind. Much.). This time, we were doing quite well until we were faced with a blue one way sign with an arrow on it (fine), but on the right hand side it had a bike with a car underneath. I’d never seen one of these before and we ummed and aahhed for a few minutes before deciding it meant it was a one way street for cars and bikes, so we went down it. Then we realised that all the parked cars were facing the other way and there was a taxi coming towards us. We managed to squeeze past each other and stop at the traffic lights (a good sign, we thought. Traffic lights in the right direction, we must be ok.). It was a cross roads and there was a bus directly opposite which I sincerely hoped wouldn’t want to come down our road before we left it. It did. I squeezed over and then squeezed some more so I was half on the pavement. On the plus side, the bus blocked the rest of the traffic on the cross roads, so we just sort of snuck out before any of the other traffic. As I left, I saw our traffic lights go green only to see it was a green bike, so the lights were for cyclists. Oops! The sign wasn’t in the highway code or on the internet anywhere, so I still don’t know what it meant but it was very misleading. Can you tell I’m a country driver?!

Anyway, that little incident over, we made it to the restaurant and had a lovely, loud and hysterical meal together. The food was excellent (even though I’m not really good with spicy food) and even better, it was cheap.

(We’re all really sophisticated, well-mannered eaters!).

I really enjoyed catching up with them and having a right old laugh. When we got back, we made some dodgy looking but very yummy cocktails and sang along to the radio remembering funny stories from when were at school together and trying to catch maltesers in our mouths. Like I said, soph-ist-i-cated!

What a great way to spend an evening.



  1. Liz T

    I see that your cocktail shaker/jug is as sophisticated as mine is! You all look as though you were having a great time. Hope the birthday girl enjoyed herself?

  2. Roanne

    I love you all…wish I’d been there ❤

    Lots of love from the land of Finn!


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