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The R Word

Oooh, I hate fake holidays. You know the type. Where you’re meant to be on a holiday from school/uni/work, but you’re still expected to do work, or more specifically in my case, revise. That’s what I’m having at the moment, a fake holiday. And I’m protesting. Against my will. Because even if I want to do work and revise, something happens that means the revision doesn’t get done. Take the other day for example – I had been revising on my bed for about 20 minutes when I hear a tap. I’m not sure what it is so I just ignore it, until it happens again. This time, I get up and go to my window, when out of nowhere a tennis ball comes flying up and hits it smack in the middle. Now I know what’s going on. The unpermitted protestation disease has spread to my brother who has also been issued a fake holiday to revise for his AS level exams. I know just what to do:

I silently open my window as wide as I can and wait for the tennis ball to fly into my room. I fish it out from beside my desk and toss it back through the gap. What proceeds is a game of silent, multi-storey catch. I can’t see him, he can’t see me and yet we spend a good five minutes playing this game of distraction until the ball no longer returns and I hear the back door slide close. I close my window, sit on my bed and try to pick up from where I left off before I decide that tidying my room is much more important.

So this is my problem at the moment – I can NOT make myself revise. And I think there are a few reasons for this. One is that when I come home now, I just feel like I shouldn’t be working. I should be spending time with my family, catching up with friends and making the most of the canoe club, not sat in my room with my door closed surrounded by textbooks and learning how to use a statistic programme that I don’t have. Another  excuse reason is that, obviously, my friends from home don’t have the same exams as me. They don’t even have the same number or type and they’re at different times than mine (damn having different universities and courses other than mine!). This means that we don’t really talk about how much time we’re spending revising or ask each other if we understand certain bits and we can’t really help each other out much. And because of this, I just assume that everyone else is having an awesome non-fake holiday and it’s not fair that I should be revising. So I don’t.

On the plus side, although my first exam is the day after I go back to uni, it is open book so I figure if I just take the textbook in I might stand a chance at passing?

Oh no, scrap that – it’s statistics.



  1. I know the feeling ): A levels may kill me….Good luck!

  2. Melanie

    I had a similar ‘tennis ball episode’ when I was at College, except rather than a tennis ball being thrown through my window it was a snowball through the open window of my halls room – on the 4th floor! A very good shot and it certainly woke me up!!

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