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10 Awesome Things

I was reading Post Secret  this week and there was a link to a blog called 1000 Awesome Things. I had a look and couldn’t stop reading! It’s such a good idea for a blog – a list of 1000 awesome things, one posted each day. It’s gotten really popular and he gets down to his last awesome thing this week after about 4 years. So as a tribute to this blog (and because I think it’s really fun to do!), I’m going to write my very own list of 10 awesome things. Here we go…

  1. Coming into a cool house after being out in the sun all day. I love this because the house feels like a kind of base after having fun outside. I’m usually just coming in to get a drink or something and the quiet and cool hits you and reminds you that outside it’s a beautiful day that you’re spending with family/friends. It gives you a moment to cool down and calm down before you go back out and join in with whatever fun thing it is you’ve just left. Awesome
  2. When you realise that there’s one last crisp left in the packet. You know that moment, when you’ve been eating a packet of crisps and you see there’s the last one in there. You savour the moment as you dip your hand in and put it in your mouth. You prepare yourself for the fact that this is the last one and make it count. Then, just before you screw up the packet, you see it. There sat in the folded corner is one last crisp. It may not be whole, it may not be perfect but it’s more than you hoped for. You feel like the luckiest person around as you pick it up and feel like you’ve got one up on the crisp company for that one hidden crisp. Awesome.
  3. A warm shower when you’re freezing cold. Now, I think you can only really appreciate this if you’ve been canoeing for 2 hours on a partially frozen river, but imagine it’s sleeting outside and you’re running around in it without a coat until you’re soaked through. Then someone dumps a bucket of ice water on your head. NOW you’re prepared for the beauty of a warm shower. You get in and there’s about 30 seconds when you think that this time, you’re just never going to warm up. And then you feel the cold slowly, slowly start to seep out of you until you stop shivering, the goose pimples start to disappear and you relax into one of the best showers you’ve ever had. Awesome.
  4. Newborn lambs. Around early Spring where I live, there’s always that anticipation of seeing the first lambs in the fields. You keep looking and looking and then one day, there they are. The first few lambs looking entirely too small to be in such a big space. At this point, they’re usually huddled up to mummy sheep trying to stay as warm as possible, but in a few days they’ll get more confident and make new friends. After a little while longer, they’re way too cool for mum-huddling and are leaping around the field with their friends in little groups. They just look like they don’t have a care in the world and are full of so much potential. They look so white against the field and so fluffy like they’ve just been put in a washing machine and then a tumble drier. It’s one of my favourite things about Spring. Awesome.
  5. Seeing old friends and clicking back together straight away. I saw two friends today that I haven’t seen since Christmas. I know this doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you used to see each other every day without fail, it’s a long time. We said hello and hugged and then it was like we had never been apart. We just clicked together and were exactly how we were 3 years ago, spending most of the time in fits of laughter. True friends can always slip into step beside each other no matter how much time has gone by, and it’s a good job too because we’re rubbish at staying in contact at uni!
  6. Walking through dry leaves. Autumn is dark and dreary. It signifies the end of Summer and always comes too fast for me. I’m just never ready to leave the warm, sunny days behind and accept that Winter is nearly here. However, there are a few redeeming features about Autumn. One are the bright colours of the leaves which are always spectacular, and the other is wading through said leaves when they’ve given up on the branches and have crashed to Earth. Wellies are brilliant for this most important task and the satisfying  crunch you hear when they’re properly dry almost makes up for the arrival of Autumn. When I walk down a street in Autumn, I always find myself wondering in a zig zag trying to step on as many cruncheable leaves as possible without looking like a fool (and usually accepting that I look like a fool anyway and ending up going from one side of the road to the other getting every single leaf. It has to be done.). Awesome.
  7. When you have a full stock of food. This signifies many things. The chance of survival over another week of uni. The chance to cook nice food for a few days. And most importantly of all, is signifies the fact that you are the furthest possible point away from having to take the 15 minute walk to Tesco, spend important ice cream money (and by ice cream, I mean cider) on boring things like potatoes and then lug two heavy shopping bags back to your room before dropping them when you try and find your keys. Yep, you can relax in the knowledge that you have a full week before you have to struggle with that horrible task again. Awesome. (This one also applies to having a full petrol tank and a whole set of clean clothes).
  8. When your favourite song comes on the radio. I often revise with the radio on really quietly just for some background noise and every so often, a song that I love will pop on. When this happens, it means I can have a small break while that song plays. This results in me getting off my bed (where I work), turning up the radio and singing to it as loud as I can before turning it back down to almost unhearable and getting on with my work. Not only does it provide a three minute break during horrible revision, I think everyone just feels a little bit better when their favourite song comes on the radio. Awesome.
  9. When you get invited out for the first time with a new group of friends. You’ve been hanging out with these people for a while and have got past that awkward point of seriousness and just asking questions about each other. You quite happily joke around with them, but they’ve known each other for much longer so it’s still very much YOU and THEM. And then suddenly, you get that first invite. It might be as formal as a birthday party invite over Facebook – classy, I know; or it might just be, “Hey, does everyone want to come round mine tomorrow evening?”, but you’re in. You’ve done it. Despite the slight panic at the second type of invite of, “Does she mean me too?”, she can see your panic and gives you a little nod. You can relax. You’ve finally passed that barrier and have been accepted into a new group of friends. Now all you have to worry about is what you’re going to wear. Awesome.
  10. Washing that’s been dried outside. This is especially awesome when you do it for the first time each year. When you go outside and start to collect it all in and you reach a bed sheet. You just can’t help but to bury your nose deep into the folds of it and take some deep breaths. The smell is delicious and makes you want to make a nest out of all the sheets right there in the garden and take a long, gorgeously scented nap. But you mustn’t. You know that if you do that, not only will they all get muddy and wet, but you will ruin the next best bit about washing that’s been dried outside – going to sleep in a freshly made bed with bed clothes that have been dried outside. This is the only thought that keeps you from making said nest and so you reluctantly pull your nose out and fold the sheets up nicely. And that evening, you know the best possible thing awaits you. You climb into bed in fresh pyjamas and pull the duvet right up to your nose and cocoon yourself up with the rest of it. It feels so light and you drift off into a wonderful sleep and dream of lying in a meadow of scented wild flowers. Awesome.

So that’s my first 10 Awesome Things list and I so enjoyed doing it! I really recommend if you’re ever feeling a bit down, just make your own List of Awesome and it will make you feel so much better. I had such fun coming up with and writing these 10 that I think I might do a few more sometime. My life will be pretty boring for a while as I revise and take apparently important exams, so I might NEED to do some more of these to make me feel a little happier and because I’ll have nothing else to blog about.



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  1. That is great list of awesome things. Love that. Me too like to walk on dry leaves. The sound of dry leaves make me happy. I also like to walk in the rain…

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