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The Other Side of Easter

This Easter was the first one in quite a few years that my mum hasn’t been involved with the DW in any way, so she decided that we would do a proper Easter for once rather than one where everyone sits in pyjamas all day having periodic naps because they’re so exhausted from either paddling or crewing. Usually, my grandma comes round in the afternoon, we exchange Easter eggs, chat for a while and have a tea of bread, cheese, crackers, crisps and dip – anything that doesn’t need any preparation really. But this year, we pushed the boat out and had a proper roast for tea (well, as proper as a vegetarian roast can get!).

I woke up at 4pm after crewing through the night, which meant I had just enough time to wake up and get dressed before my grandma arrived at 5. She thought I was joking when she asked if I’d just woken up and I answered, “Yes!”. I don’t think she’ll ever fully understand the world of canoeing, she just accepts that we’ll probably be galavanting off around the country doing strange things at strange times and tries not to worry about us too much.

Every Easter, my grandma gets worried that she’ll miss someone out with the Easter eggs which means we always end up with one too many plus a load of little extra chocolate bits. This was the stash she bought this year:

Still, I don’t think we complained too much!

My mum and Rachel spent most of the afternoon preparing the meal, which we were all very excited about because we usually only ever get a proper roast at Christmas. This definitely felt like we were breaking the rules! We have a nut roast as our meat replacement and it is YUM-my.

The guinea pigs were very satisfied with their Easter meal of carrot peelings too.

While everything was cooking, we toasted a new arrival to our family. My mum’s cousin’s daughter, Katie, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Friday and my mum had some birthday champagne that hadn’t been drunk, so we clinked away.

After that, we sat around the beautifully decorated table and ate our break-the-rules roast. It was SO good! I don’t have any photos because it’s a hard enough job to get photos of any food around here, let alone food as good as this.

Everyone was stuffed, but we still managed pudding. There was chilled lemon flan (no photo – it was too good, sorry!), choloate crispy cakes and/or chocolate eggs/malteser bunnies/lindt mini eggs.

We pulled leftover Christmas crackers and then lay about on sofas groaning and moaning that we were too full – or was that just me? I think we all ate so much because it’s such a rarity to have a big roast dinner, so when the chance comes we make the most of it. We let the guinea pigs have a little run around – my grandma was quite fascinated watching them run, or should that be waddle?

Betty also managed to find her way into a paper bag somehow…

Once we put the pigs away, we said goodbye to my grandma and then spent the evening watching cooking programmes and moaning that we were too full to even look at any more food, but not turning the telly off because the remote was too far away. Ah, the joys of holidays!



  1. Jan

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday! I am glad canoeing didn’t zap you all too much to enjoy it.

  2. Ellie

    Would love the recipe for the nut roast-it looks very yummy!

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