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Finding the Garden

Over the last few days, it’s been warm enough to be outside and do things in the garden and my mum has snapped up the opportunity to undo what the winter has done and find the garden again. This afternoon, Rachel, Padraig and I decided to give her a hand which called for my lady bird and ant gardening gloves to be dug out of the shed.

Padraig didn’t want his photo taken, which left it to me and Rachel to pose with a saw before Padraig actually cut it all for us.

Rachel also did some very good posing with a rake.

And then we actually did a bit of work. Rachel untangled one apple tree from the grips of the honey suckle, and I untangled the other from the years worth of brambles that had grown there.

It was while I was doing this that I discovered why no birds have nested in our bird box for quite a while. Rachel was upset to see this, seeing as she made it in tech. class about six or seven years ago now.

My mum concentrated on clearing a space next to the pond (which is actually just a big bucket dug into the ground that used to have frogs in it, but now just has a green sludgy consistency with bits of leaves and twigs in it), played director by telling us which bits she wanted keeping and which bits we could chop away at happily and also cleared up after all of us.

My mum also played the role of drink and biscuit preparer when it was time to have a quick break.

Although she managed to snaffle quite a few biscuits before she told us they were there.

We made good progress and the garden looks a lot bigger for our work. Now we just have to get rid of the piles of branches and brambles that have now taken over the grass.

It was lovely all being outside together and we got loads done. The birds are loving it – I can see them out of the window from where I’m sat and they’re hopping about in all the newly cut stuff gobbling up all the exposed insects. I just hope the nice weather lasts long enough for us to clear out the rest of the things that need to go, so we can start planting some new, pretty things.



  1. Rachel

    I made that birdbox in our garage when I was about 9! More than 10 years ago now :p Thinking about it, for being made 10 years ago it’s actually lasted pretty well hasn’t it? We’ll have to make a new one now.

  2. I love how close your family. It is nice to see that and I am sure it makes your parents so happy.

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