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Spontaneous Art

On Monday this week, I had the house to myself and started the day by catching up on a few blogs. One of the blog posts I read was this one of Lucy’s. It showed a print of a collage that she bought from Caroline Rose Art after suggesting the idea of using a caravan in one of her pieces. Her artwork is the type that I just love – bright colours and scenes that fill you with joy. At the end when Lucy put the picture of the complete collage, I got that feeling that I get sometimes when I just HAVE to do something arty. I get this feeling a lot, but can never usually come up with something to draw myself. This means I end up with a lot of pages of my sketch book filled with this sort of thing, rather than anything interesting.

But after reading that blog post and getting that feeling, I wanted to do something proper and pretty and because it always takes a long time to work out something proper and pretty to draw, by which time the arty feeling has gone, I decided to just copy the caravan print. Why risk attempting something and being really disappointed with it when there’s something you can draw that you already know you like the design of?

It was a beautifully sunny day, so I attached the runs to the rabbits’ cages, dug out a picnic rug and created a little work space of my own in the garden.

I had the image of the collage on my laptop, which meant that I had to keep nipping back inside for 15 minute breaks to keep it charged up. It was also relatively hard to see the screen in the sunlight, and the colours were hard to make out, but it was worth it to feel the heat on the back of my legs as a drew. I started with outlining the whole thing in pencil first, and all the time I was drawing/outlining or colouring, I kept finding bits that I’d missed out – the collage is actually a lot more detailed than it first appears! (I realise this is an awful photo, but it shows you how hard it was to draw with all the reflections on the screen – this is what I had to work with people!).

Next, I outlined everything in black felt tip apart from any flower stems. Well, I outlined what I thought was everything, but after closer inspection I realise I missed out the circles on the third set of curtains, I forgot to draw in the flowers on the spotty jug on the table AND I missed out the spots on the spotty jug on the table. There are probably even more things that I forgot but that’s what I remember missing.

After that, I drew in all the flower stems with green.

And then came the bit that I’d been looking forward to the most – the colouring in!

And there you have it. It’s not exactly the same as the original and some of the colours don’t match all that well, but I love it and I had such a nice time out in the sun drawing for the first time in ages. I did think I might add the blue stripes at the bottom in pencil crayon and also add the stars and moon in either a really light felt tip or pencil crayon, but I haven’t got around to it yet so the chances are it’ll just stay as it is. If I ever get the arty feeling building up in me again and I can’t find any inspiration, I know I’ll head right on over to Caroline’s page and find a whole lot of amazing artwork ready and waiting to be drawn or to be the inspiration of something I come up with on my own. And I can’t wait!



  1. Just beautiful Alice,so lovely isn’t it when inspiration strikes and you just go with it….sweet times. Lots of love. Lxxxxxx

  2. Rach

    Gorgeous picture!

  3. I know this was ages ago but I love your picture! I remember reading Lucy’s post and seeing Caroline’s incredible artwork but your drawing is brilliant too! Abigail x

  4. Oh love it and now you have inspired me to do one.I am not any good at drawing but can prob copy something okay ,why didn’t I think of this before, found your blogg because I always read yarn.one of my fave bloggs.anyway the for sharingxx

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