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Day 3 – The Posh Picnic

Heather had to work again on the Friday that we stayed with her, so we had the day to ourselves. We decided that we couldn’t go another day without washing our hair, so we had to face the shower-in-a-bucket experience due to the fact that their shower decided to break a few days before we got there. It was interesting, but we managed it without too much water spillage.

After that, we did a bit of shopping in the town centre. We found a cake shop that we’d seen on the first day, so when we could draw ourselves away from the amazing window displays of cakes, we ventured inside to see what they had to offer. They sold lots of cakey things, like cake cases, piping bags, cookie cutters, that sort of thing but the best bits were displayed around the outside in glass cabinets. They had all sorts of huge, intricately decorated cakes in mind blowing detail on display. There were white wedding cakes overflowing with different summer fruits made out of icing, a racing car cake stood next to the match box one is was designed on and all sorts of other amazing things. In one corner of the shop, they had a woman icing and decorating cakes that had been ordered by customers, it was fascinating to watch. After looking around for a while, we decided to buy some pretty cake cases and get on with the rest of the day.

We decided that we would climb up The Hill that gives nice views of the town and have a picnic. Now, to me, picnics usually mean sandwiches hurriedly put together, a few bags of crisps and some apples. But not today. Oh no, we were holiday and so we decided to have a Posh Picnic. We headed over to Marks and Spencers to stock up on the fancy food that would make up our fancy lunch and started for The Hill via a very nice looking (less expensive) cake shop to buy some equally posh cakes.

We set up camp on what we thought was a stone style, but was in fact part of the very busy main pathway to get from one field to another. There must have been something very interesting on the other side of the hill, because there was a lot of traffic which meant we had to leap up apologising every few minutes. We didn’t mind though because, again, the views were spectacular.

We tucked into our deliciously indulgent picnic and enjoyed every mouthful. We had pasta salads, (I had a sneaky pasty), a fruit pot and our cakes from the cake shop.


Once we’d finished our lunch and absorbed the views enough, we walked back into the town the long way round which took us right by a castle – and a garden full of chickens. We named the ginger ones Betty because they reminded us of Betty the guinea pig from home. Can you see the resemblance?

We found a bridge and played poo sticks.

We got back to Heather’s for a quick drink before we went to meet her from work. The day was finished by a lovely meal at an Italian restaurant for tea. It’s family owned and we were made to feel so welcome, it was wonderful. The main waiter kept singing and they had the Italian X Factor on silently in the background. It was a wonderful atmosphere and the food was gorgeous. We walked back past the church that was all lit up and looked very pretty with the trees silhouetted in front of it.

It really was a lovely day.





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  1. Hi Alice
    How lovely to read about my home town through your eyes, so glad you had a good time. I was up The Hill yesterday evening, soooooo beautiful, I watched the moon and stars come out over the town.
    And yup, the Italian, how right you are about the great atmosphere, I sometimes go there for lunch with Little B (who is very well liked in there). We live in a lovely town for sure.
    What’s coming tomorrow? Will be tuning in!

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