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Day 2 – A Trip to Ilkley

The second day into our mini holiday at Heather’s house she had off work, so we decided that we’d take a trip into the town of Ilkley. It was a really lovely, sunny day and we started our adventure by a bit of browsing in Create, a shop that sells all things yarn.

After Heather and my mum’s yarn needs had been met, we stocked up our energy levels in Nero’s. We did a lot of coffee/tea/hot chocolate drinking on this holiday!

After our quick break, we walked through the town again and passed these gorgeous flowers outside a grocer’s shop.

We moved away from the centre of the town and followed a narrow twisty path that ran alongside a small stream.

We climbed steadily up the hill and eventually broke out of the wooded area onto a more open green that showcased these lovely primulas.

As we walked, we played ‘when I’m older, I’ll live in THAT house’. All the houses that we could see were huge, but I particularly liked this one:

I’m not sure why, because I usually like houses made out of stone local to where I live and looking at it now, it does look a bit gothic. I liked the fact that it had the little stream running right through its back garden though, but I’m sure that makes the ground very soggy.

We kept following the stream and it lead us up into Ilkley moor.

This made for some amazing views and I couldn’t help but stop every few steps and take a photo. The hills around Yorkshire really are breathtakingly beautiful and despite it being a little hazy, you still felt like you could see for miles.

We had a bit of a rest on some benches covered by a wooden structure with a slate roof and took great care to avoid a huge piece of wood that was hanging from the roof and swinging precariously back and forth.

After a few minutes we carried on climbing and the higher we got, the harder it was not to turn around and stand in awe at the view. To people who are used to the flat landscapes of the Midlands, it really was spectacular.

Our target was this little white house that seemed high enough to get even better views, but not too high that we would be too tired to walk back down again.

And once we got there, the views didn’t disappoint.

After a while of getting our breath back, resting our legs and taking in the views, we had a bit of a nosey around the house to discover that it was in fact an old bath house.

It was perfect weather for walking – sunny and warm, but not too hot. We decided to take a less hazardous route back down, following a wide path that looped back to the start of the walk in an arc. Not too far from the bath house, we picked up the stream again as it trickled over the rocks and right across the path.


We walked a bit further and went right past a huge building with lakes and trees surrounding it. We weren’t sure what it was, but it was very grand.

Around the corner and we stumbled across a maze that was just begging to be solved, so me and my mum raced each other from one start post to the other (I won!).

It was at this point that my camera battery promptly ran out, which is probably a good thing judging by the amount of photos I still have! We walked the rest of the way into town to find that we were all ravenous and in desperate need of a wee. Heather led the way to Bar T’at, a pub where she and my mum had gone before when they came to Ilkley a while ago. We used there facilities and ordered some lunch. I had a Mediterranean vegetable toasted sandwich topped with mozzarella with a side of chips and oh my, was it some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Those chips were seriously good, so if any of you ever visit Ilkey, I highly recommend Bar T’at. The name comes from a song, and they have the words printed around the top of the walls inside. It’s written in Northernish, so I couldn’t really understand it but apparently it’s about going out in the hills without a hat (bar t’at meaning bar the hat). It had a really nice atmosphere to it and the people were lovely.

We finished lunch just in time to get to the car before the parking ticket ran out. We were all exhausted by the time we got home, but it really was a perfect day. Perfect weather with perfect people in a perfect place. Lovely.



  1. Great photos and some lovely views. I’m used to flat terrain too, so I felt quite weary just seeing the photos of you climbing up there and back down again! But I might be doing some of that soon myself.

  2. I can’t believe you put that photo of me straddling the stream on. Pls remove!

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