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Day 1 – Playing Tourist

Hello again! I’m back from my mini holiday at Heather’s house and I’ve dedicated the next few posts to telling you all about it.

We left on Wednesday morning and had a clear run, so managed to time it perfectly and arrive in time to catch Heather on her lunch break. We met her in the town and decided the best plan of action was to have a hot drink (I think that’s always our fail-safe plan. If we can’t think of anything, head to a coffee shop!). I love the way they do the little patterns with the milk, I think it’s so clever.

After that, it was time for Heather to go back to work so we meandered through the town looking for something to eat and something to do. First of all, we found a chip shop that did some pretty amazing chips and then sat on a typical Yorkshire dry stone wall to eat them. I don’t think a holiday really starts till you’ve eaten chips outside somewhere – usually on a beach, but that’s a minor detail. We had a bit of a walk after that to see if there was anything interesting to do and we spotted a craft fair in the Town Hall. It turned out to be a bit rubbish but it was attached to the museum, so because it was free and warm we decided to play tourist and have a look around that too.

The first bit on the ground floor was a temporary exhibition and it showed a collection of ceramics that this one man had collected. It was pretty interesting and my mum enjoyed looking at it all, but I decided that the children’s puzzle needed to be done so took on that task.

Upstairs was the main museum bit which was deserted apart from two old men reminiscing about the war, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We learnt about art (by doing brass rubbings), we learnt about archaeology (by digging up bits of shell in a pit of rubber shavings), we learnt about pulleys (by pulling a chain that made a mouse run up a clock), we saw a penny farthing and a real war time ration pack given to soldiers that was complete with all the original food. Interesting, but also quite disgusting. We only meant to pop in and see what it was like, but we ended up spending the whole afternoon there.We make good tourists.

When we left, we walked through the market and bought some nice fruit. I thought it all looked beautiful and had much more variety than the one we have at home. Plus they have little china guinea pigs!

We quickly dropped off the things we’d bought at Heather’s house, and then went to meet her from work. The market had finished by then and where the flower stall had been, there were a few pansy heads lying on the floor. My mum couldn’t bear to watch them get trampled on and go to waste, so she scooped up the few remaining that still had life in them and put them in a dinky pot of water on the kitchen window sill.

We pulled out our camping chairs to sit on and relax for a while before a nice evening walk down to Tesco for doritos and dip. We had tea and spent the whole evening just chatting, catching up and reading (I read a LOT of The Hunger Games. I finished the first book and had to make an emergency dash down to WHSmith’s to get the other two. They’re so addictive to read! I’m going to see the film in a few days with Rachel, so I’ll do a proper review post on the whole thing when I’ve finished them all.). In fact, writing that has made me want to go and read again, so I’ll leave it there and update on Day 2 tomorrow – and you should get excited, Day 2 was the best day and involved views like this:

But I won’t give too much away! 🙂


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