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Mothering Sunday

Today, as many of you will know, is Mother’s Day. Except we can’t call it that because my grandma insists it should always be Mothering Sunday. So today, in our house, it was Mothering Sunday.

I went canoeing in the morning and came home to find my mum and Rachel baking away in the kitchen preparing things for afternoon tea when my grandma was coming round (and I should probably mention that I accidentally let it slip out that Rachel was home when I picked up my grandma. She did manage a very convincing fake surprised reaction when she saw her though, I was very impressed!). Apparently today wasn’t a very good day for baking because the carrot cake sunk and the shortbread mixture seemed to make less than usual and so the caramel shortbread turned into just shortbread. It looked pretty though because it was made in a  proper shortbread mould.

(Carrot cake)


I don’t think they turned out as bad as we thought they would after glancing into the oven and seeing the carrot cake mixture seeping over the side of the tin. And they tasted pretty good! My mum always puts on an amazing spread of cakes for afternoon teas, and it’s mainly me and her that eat the most at the time and then keep on eating them over the next few days. Yesterday we were stood in the kitchen chatting and we had a victoria sponge that she’d made on the side next to us. As we were talking, we just kept slicing off thin pieces and eating them and before we knew it, we’d eaten nearly a third of the cake!

(What was left of the Victoria sponge after we’d eaten most of it yesterday and today for lunch.)

But even on a bad baking day, my mum can never fail to mess up a chocolate cake. (Edit 19/03/12 – Thanks to Rachell who commented and told me what I’d actually written wasn’t quite right. My mum can never fail to make THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER IN THE WORLD! There, that should undo the previous cake-baking related insult I left my mum on Mothering Sunday!) I think she’s had too much practise making them for all mine and Padraig’s birthdays. It’s definitely my favourite cake in the whole world.

And what would afternoon tea be without tea served from a pretty teapot into pretty mugs with milk from a pretty jug?

And of course, there were Mothering Sunday presents. I chose my mum eight chocolates from the small shop we found in Leamington a little while ago. I didn’t take any photos this time either because I was on my own and I think it would have been a bit weird. I did manage to keep my drooling to a minimum and take my eyes off the chocolates for long enough to look at the rest of the shop though. I don’t think there is meat in like I’d thought, but it’s full of olives and cheeses and honey. The sort of good old farmy produce. The man there was so friendly and helpful and put them in a gift box tied up with gold ribbon for free. I was very impressed. I decided to choose mainly coffee flavoured chocolates so that only she would like them and no-one else would be tempted to snaffle one.

And I think I got the best card I possibly could have for my wonderful mum. (Credit should go to Rachel here for spotting it and buying it for me, but I still think it’s pretty awesome). Now there are a few things to know before you will be able to appreciate the full beauty of this card. Firstly, I love chips. Just love them. And secondly, there was an advert a few years ago for McCain’s oven chips that featured a little girl trying to decide whether she loved chips or her dad more, and it ended with her dad stealing one of her chips and her saying very pointedly, “Chips.”. We’ve always joked about that advert over the years. Here’s the card:

And I really mean it.



  1. “But even on a bad baking day, my mum can never fail to mess up a chocolate cake”

    You need to change this, it doesn’t say what you meant to say I think! 🙂

    The cakes look yummmmy!

    I bought one of those cards too, mine said Happy Mothers Day from your favourite daughter’ in fridge magnets.

  2. Melanie

    Thanks for the chocolates and card, Alice. They’re lovely, and the chocolates are gorgeous. And it was ingenious choosing coffee flavoured ones; luckily they are my favourites too!

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