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Secret Things

One problem with living away from home for long periods of time is that your room tends to get used as storage. I knew it would happen. I’ve seen it happen to both my older sisters, but it’s still a bit of a shock when it happens to you. I came home yesterday and went into my bedroom to find this:

Now, to be fair, most of the things are mine or belong in my room (like all the games are stored in my wardrobe) so they would have got put there if I was living here all the time. But because I’m not here to put things where they should be, everything builds up and I end up with barely any room to move. I think my parents are trying to hint that they want me to get rid of the unicycle they got for me when I was about 12 too (that was an AWESOME birthday present by the way!). Because what do I get greeted by when I open my bedroom door?

As you can probably tell, my quick wiping of dust with my fingers seemed adequate on the tiny camera screen but when it’s a much bigger image on a computer screen, I can kind of see it didn’t do the job. You’ll have to excuse my lack of housekeeping in the bedroom that I visit about once every month. Also, reading this I can see how I would seem like a very untidy person, and maybe I was, but I think I’ve changed. My university room is probably the tidiest in my block – everything has its place and I tidy everything up at the end of the day, but here I’ve had this room since I was two years old and things keep getting added to what’s already there. This means there’s not a lot of space to put things, so although I love having a clean, tidy room, I think with this one I’m fighting a losing battle. Everything just needs a good sort out and I need to get rid of a lot of things to make room for the things I actually want in there. But I need to build up the courage to start on the huge amount of things that are already there which will probably take quite a while! There are so many better, simpler things to do – like master the kinetics of chemical reactions.

In other news, I’ve got a secret project on the go which makes me feel like a proper, creative blogger, which is a pretty good feeling! The only thing I’ll reveal is that it involves these:

I’m really excited to be starting something new and I’ll show you all when it’s finished.

Another exciting bit of news (for me, anyway!) is that my sister Rachel is coming home later this evening. It was a last minute decision because she was offered a lift home with a friend which means that for Mother’s Day tomorrow when my grandma comes over for afternoon tea, she’ll get a huge surprise seeing Rachel. I thought she shouldn’t have told my mum either and it could have been a surprise for her too, but Rachel needs to be picked up from her friend’s house and it would have been a bit suspect if I had disappeared for an hour in the evening without telling my mum where I was going. Oh well, I guess the build up of something exciting is half the fun of it.

So those are my secret things at the moment, as well as a messy bedroom which I’m sure you all love to know about. I guess it comes under the same category as knowing all about my laundry and food shopping – but everyone loves to know all the little insignificant things about my life. Don’t they?



  1. One-oh-four

    Are those….tap dancing shoes…..I spy behind the unicycle?

    • Erm… I was hoping no-one would notice those. I have many ‘talents’. 🙂

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