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Hunger Games and Holidays

I’ve done it. I’ve been proactive and taken my sister’s advise and now I am the proud owner of the first Hunger Games book. This is the latest hype and the film comes out next week I think, but the book is meant to be very good so yesterday I hopped on the bus (well that’s a bit misleading actually, I waited for twenty minutes for one of the millions of buses that come to the university bus stop to decide it wanted to take me where I wanted to go), went into Waterstone’s and bought the book, then hopped on another bus to come home again. I should add in here that the bus ride is about 25 minutes each way and I was there for about 10 minutes in total, so it was a bit of a wasted journey but it was nice to get off campus.

Rachel says I have to read this really quickly because we’re going to see the film at some point over the Easter holidays. The only trouble is, I’m not a fast reader. I like to study every sentence and make sure I get every detail in my head before carrying on. This means that once I’ve read a book, I wait probably at least a year before I’ve forgotten enough to want to read it again. Rachel, on the other hand, is a speed reader. She rushes through the book, sometimes missing out whole pages if it doesn’t hold her attention, as if it’s a race to get to the end. And so often I see her get to the end of a book and then turn over and start reading it all again straight away because she’s missed half the storyline. I just can’t live like that! I need details – I need to know what’s going on!

Anyway, I’m home for Easter now which means I’ve got five weeks spread out in front of me to be filled with reading, film-watching, canoeing, trying to finish my scarf (which I’ve made a lot of progress with by the way – I’m on my second ball of yarn and everything!), walks in the woods, sleeping… Oh no. Wait. I have an exam the day after I get back. Scratch all the ‘I’ve got five whole weeks to do whatever I like with’, I’ll change that to ‘Oh my God, I don’t have a clue what any of this biostatistics rubbish is and I have to revise this along with all my other modules for my end of year exams!’ I mean, really – who cares what a double sided, two tailed T-test is? WHAT DO THESE WORDS MEAN?! This is what my life will be filled with for the next five weeks. Trying to turn my lecture handouts full of funny squiggles and words that make no sense into answers I can write down in the right place on an exam paper. Wish me luck!

One thing I love when I come home is that my mum always puts fresh flowers in my room on my desk. They say welcome home and brighten up a room that hasn’t been lived in for a while. Today when I went into my room, there was a beautiful bunch of creamy white freesias waiting for me. And they smell gorgeous too! (By the way, please ignore how untidy my desk is – I like to justify it by saying that it holds little snippets of my life, but really I’m just too lazy to tidy it).

Don’t you just love the glass bottle they’re in?

The freesias remind me that Spring is just starting to… erm… spring. On the way home from uni, we saw a lot of very sweet lambs and lots of trees with pretty blossom on. Also, at university there are a tonne of daffodils everywhere and it’s just so pretty! They’re so bright and ordered into very satisfying patterns.

I love Spring! And I love welcome home flowers. And getting stuck into a good book.

Happy Friday!



  1. Rachel

    My way of reading is much more fun 😛 It’s just as well I can read like that otherwise I’d never get all the reading done that I have to for my course! A book a week we have to read, and they’re not even ones with good storylines x x

  2. Nanita

    Hi Alice, thanks for introducing The Hunger Games, I’m always looking for interesting reads! I see it commes recommended by Stephen King, I’m a big fan 🙂 I recently read Under the Dome and 11/22/63, the man is brilliant in what he does! Looking forward to seeing your scarf, enjoy your five weeks at home! Don’t think about the studying/revising just yet 😀 x

  3. One-oh-four

    The Hunger Games is awesome! My son borrowed it from the library to read on Friday, he is already halfway through it. Can’t wait for the film.


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