Just the thoughts of a girl.


I’m a good student. I turn up for lectures on time (usually), I listen to what the lecturer has to say (usually) and I revise hard for all my exams (unless there’s anything better to do). So usually, my lecture notes look like this:

(Please excuse my spelling mistakes and sentences that don’t make sense, I was trying to keep up with the lecturer!)

And usually, we get lecture handouts with the powerpoint slides already on them, so we can keep track of where we are and try and make some sense of what the lecturer’s banging on about. But for this particular module, they’ve decided that giving handouts is too easy on us and that we should endure the pain and boredom of sitting through lectures with nothing put a pen and pad of paper to keep us occupied. Add to that the fact that during a lecture on EVOLUTION, the main topic talked about was RELIGION and you’ll understand why I came out of that lecture with my notebook full of this:

And this:

Along with this:


And this:

And by the way, if you ever play hangman with me, don’t think you’ll ever get away with making me guess Aleez Murfidicus and claim it’s my Roman name. You will get a pen in the eye.



  1. Hi Alice, so glad you found my blog and thank you for the lovely comment. I’m going to check my daughters lecture notes see if she does the same thing, mind you it does sound rather dull. Deb xxx

  2. I loved it when they did our notes for us. Lol. Hangman looks like just the thing to get through a lecture involving religion. Have a great week.

  3. One-oh-four

    Hmmm, not sure I agree with your spelling of supercalfragalisticexpealidocious! And remember hangman is good if you use short weird words as your partner is more likely to guess wrong, leaving you to build the gallows…..thus speaks the voice of experience! Your lecture sounds dire though…did the lecturer notice that no-one was paying attention? If he did, you can guarantee that there will be an exam question on it at the end of the year!

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