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They’re Alive!

Do you remember my crocuses? The ones that went mouldy? These ones?

Well, they’ve come back to life! Ok, the one that went completely green was beyond help, but now there are three proper, strong, white, not-mouldy-in-the-least shoots sticking right up. I think it’s because I stopped caring about them. When I first planted them, I’d water them every evening and get them out of their little wardrobe home to admire their progress (or lack of). Then, when they went mouldy I just thought, “Well, I won’t give up on them, but they probably won’t make it so it’s not crucial if I forget to water them.” So now I water them about every other evening at most and have left them here for the whole weekend un-watered when I went home. And they’re doing great! Look:

Admittedly, one is a little yellow, but that was also the mouldy one in the top picture that used to have two shoots. One looked lovely and green and I got all excited, but when I touched it, it fell off. You can just about see it in the picture above – a little flat black thing next to the yellowey shoot just lying there. So the fact that the yellow one is alive at all is a miracle really. The two white stems have bits breaking out though the top of them, which shows they’re growing well (I think!).

They’re still living in my wardrobe in the dark, but they get to come out into the sunlight on the 12th of April. This does mean, however, that I will somehow have to transport them home when I go back for Easter (in 3 days!!! YAY!!), which makes for an interesting car journey! Until then, I’ll keep giving them small amounts to drink and pretend that I don’t care whether they die or not, because they seem to like proving me wrong and if that’s the way they’ll grow, well, I guess I just won’t care.



  1. Rachel

    Mine have sprouted too! But only 2 of mine have so far. I did follow the instructions exactly though, I left them in the very dark warm spot of a bright windowsill… hah! Suppose it’s my own fault if they don’t grow properly x x


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