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There are many reasons why I’m really enjoying blogging at the moment – procrastination, documentation of my life, sorting through all the thoughts in my head and organising them on paper (or computer screen) etc. But one of the main things I love is looking through all the statistics of my blog. I think it’s great that you can see your progress and get to know a little about your readers by seeing what sites they’re coming from or what they searched to find my blog. For those that don’t know, all of this information is neatly provided on your stats page, which looks like this:

(Three guesses for the day that Heather posted a link to my blog!).

I love seeing what people searched to find my blog too. I haven’t had many, but the ones I’ve had have been pretty funny! Most of them relate to food, as you will see. Here are the best ones:

  • yum yums cookies
  • margarine and sugar in bowl
  • takeaway panini
  • greys anatomy
  • unhealthy chocolate bars

And my all time favourite:

  • awesome chocolates

(referring to my awesome chocolate cake!). How cool is that?! Although I think this is telling me that maybe I should go on a diet!

Yesterday, however, I think I found the best thing yet. It’s a feature which allows me to see which countries people are reading my blog from. It’s so exciting to think that there’s a small scattering of people all over the world actually reading about the menial happenings of my life. Here’s the map showing all the countries that anyone’s ever accessed my blog from:

The darker the colour, the more views I’ve had from that country. And what a lot of countries people are viewing from! Here’s the list that has the whole 24(!!!!!!) countries on:

I mean, wow! Someone in Ukraine/Israel/Macedonia/Croatia/Romania actually went on my blog. Even if they clicked on it by accident, or read one post and thought what rubbish it was, I still find it so exciting! I guess that’s part of being a new blogger – all you experienced ones probably think me crazy for getting so excited, but I love going over all my stats and tracking my progress, or seeing if there are any new countries on the list. The day that Heather posted the link to my site, I remember I signed on and just sat there refreshing the page, amazed as the number would rise by 3 or 4 with each click. Especially because the most views on one day I’d had before that had been 26.

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is just thanks for taking the time to read my blog (or accidentally clicking on it and then closing the page without reading). It makes me want to jump around the room with every view that I get.



  1. Elliz

    I am one of those persons that came here by the link on your sisters blog.
    I really like it to read your posts, even they are not crochet-related!
    So I’ve put you in my list of favorites, and I pop in several times a week, if not daily…
    Oh, and I’m from Belgium.
    Love, Elliz.

  2. I came here through Heather too, and I am glad I did. Keep posting. I love it.

  3. Liz T

    I popped in from Heather’s blog too. Your posts are a little breath of fresh air and I enjoy reading them. Going to check out Michelle Paver now (see, you can teach your grandma to suck eggs!) I picked up the second of the Twilight Series quite a while ago (didn’t know at the time that it was the second in the series) and hadn’t a clue what was going on – so when I saw the first book and then read it I was delighted to find out what I’d been missing in the second book – have since read all of them (and re-read the second one). Not Austen by any means but grand for “take me away from care” reading.

  4. Roanne

    I hope that Finland has now been highlighted on your stats map! I love it, your writing has always been a pleasure to read. (Even reading through your war poetry essays or whatever was okay!!) Thank you for sharing it with me, I’ll sit down with a cuppa later and have a good proper read 🙂 <3LoveYou x

  5. Well not too far away here in Manchester but I have enjoyed reading it. Actually takes me back to my student days!. X

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