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The Masquerade Ball

Last night was the night of the masquerade ball where we all had to get dressed up in fancy dresses and spend the evening pretending to be civilised. It was so lovely seeing everyone in their posh frocks for once and it really changed the whole mood of the evening. The ball was held in a hotel which was very fitting and grand, although it did mean there was the odd person walking about in jeans and a t-shirt because they were actually staying at the hotel. But I bet we were more annoying to them than they were to us.

The tickets were £25 each, which seems quite a lot but you got loads for your money. It included transport there and back which is always a good thing, a complimentary welcome drink (of very nice, fake champaign), there was a free popcorn stand, a magician, a pianist and a photographer (although you did have to buy the photos at quite a steep price, but it’s always fun posing for professional photos). After about half an hour of all these interesting things, we were shown into the big room where we would be eating our three course meal (also included in the price). I wish I’d taken a photo of the room, because it was beautifully set up but I didn’t take many pictures as my bag was so tightly packed it was a pain to take the camera out. Anyway, the room looked something like this but less wedding-ey:

On the menu was leek and potato soup, vegetable tart (for vegetarians, chicken for meat eaters) and profiteroles to finish. It was all really good, although lots of people thought the chicken was dry and wished they’d had the vegetarian option.

During the meal, someone proposed! They were sat no the table next to me and he just knelt down and asked her to marry him. They got a huge round of applause and a bottle of expensive champaign.

(This is me trying to take a full length photo so you can see what it looked like. There are a few things to note – firstly, please ignore my messy bedroom. Secondly, it’s surprisingly hard to take a photo of yourself so please ignore the odd expression on my face. It’s one of concentration mixed with trying to take a photo without looking at the camera screen mixed with, actually trying to smile.)

After the meal, there were dance demonstrations by the uni’s dance society. I must admit that I’ve never seen much dancing, never even watched Strictly, but I thought they were really, really good and looked very professional to my untrained eye.

Once we’d left the big room, we went back out into the foyer where there was now a chocolate fountain as well as the popcorn stand. This was the poshest experience I’ve had with a chocolate fountain, because they had people putting different things on the sticks (marshmallows, mini doughnuts, strawberries, fudge, all the usual things) and then you had to stand behind a table, tell them what you wanted (always the mini doughnuts!) and then they covered it in chocolate for you. It was probably a good thing because at the Christmas ball at the S.U., everyone did it themselves and there was chocolate EVERYWHERE!!!

Then, round the corner there was a mini casino set up. You got 10 chips with your voucher and there was a blackjack table, a poker table and a roulette table. We started on blackjack which actually turned out to be poker which was a bit of a shock. And the only type of poker I’ve played is Texas holdem, which isn’t proper poker apparently, so I was trying to work out how to play while I was doing it. It was interesting. And it turns out you don’t need much skill, it’s just luck, so we went and played blackjack. I started with 10 chips and ended up with about 13, so I did ok (but I have a feeling this was more to do with people getting bored and handing me their spare chips. Oh well, I was happy). Unfortunately, the chips couldn’t be exchanged for anything so it was just a bit of fun and a lesson in gambling, I guess!

While we were frittering away all of our fake money, there was a band playing in the main room and then a DJ. And all of this was incorporated into the £25 ticket, which I thought was such good value! We didn’t get back too late, which was a good thing because I had a nine am lecture. However, due to me accidentally kicking my alarm clock across the room yesterday (damn having no bedside table!), my alarm failed to wake me up at 7:45, which was when I’d set it for. It was only when the cleaners walked past my room talking really loudly (like usual!) at 8:30 that I woke up and consequently jumped out of bed, went to the loo, got dressed and ate breakfast all within 10 minutes which I think is pretty good going! And I still beat my friends to our meeting place.

I think I’m secretly Superwoman (but shh, don’t tell anyone!).



  1. Melanie

    Alice,your hair looks so pretty, and it sounds an amazng evening; that’s definitely a great mask too!

  2. You looked so pretty! Did the girl who was proposed to say yes??

    • Yes she did, although I’ve heard they were both my age which seems quite scary!

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