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I’m at home again this weekend because we’re visiting family and giving a hand to do some house sorting. So I thought I’d do a video post to mix things up a bit and show you all of our pets seeing as you didn’t get to see the outside ones last time I was home. I spent a while doing the video, showing you each animal and saying a bit about their characters and what they like to do. But then when I play it back on my computer, I realise I’m an idiot. I’ve had this camera for about 6-ish years and only now do I realise it has no sound. Great.

So then I spent a while writing a blog post, explaining what I did say in the video so you’d be able to make out what I was on about, but when I try to upload it, I can’t find it. I search EVERYWHERE! It’s there when I insert the memory card, but when I try to upload it – nothing. So then I look around a bit and find that to upload a video, WordPress would like me to pay 50 something pounds to which I say, “I’m a poor student and have £10 to live on for the next two weeks.” So no, Mr WordPress, I’m not going to give you any money to upload a short video without any sound, I’ll simply write another blog post like normal. Screw you.

Anyway… I ended up taking lots of cute pictures of all of the animals anyway. That’s just as good as a video, right? This is Betty and Treacle, who you met before, along with Bunny who’s further down. The pigs (as they are also known, for many reasons) have learnt to squeak whenever they hear either the fridge opening or someone chopping or peeling something. This is a fail safe for them as they know my mum can’t resist giving them food when they squeak. This may have something to do with the size of them. Especially Betty.

We had just cleaned Bunny out when I filmed him and he was busy sorting it out, trying to get it back just the way he likes it. He always does this, rummaging around, kicking sawdust everywhere and generally trying to get it back to how it was before. This is his normal position of “look at me I’m balancing my front paws on the water trough – aren’t I clever and oh, so cute. If you’d just let me out, I could show you some more tricks and I definitely won’t go and play with the curtains again like last time. I PROMISE!”. He’s sneaky like that.

This is Flossy. We’ve had her for nearly a year and she started out all white, but now has quite dark marking on her. I think it’s because she rolls about in all the newspaper she has. She likes to chew her cage, which is one reason why she now has a brand new one. We bought her some proper wood to chew and so far that’s been holding her back from eating her way through this one.

This is her new cage.

Willow also likes to chew her cage, as we discovered one day when she was being cleaned out and she poke her head through the little window that she’d made to say hello. She hasn’t got a new cage because “bad girls don’t deserve nice cages”, so she has a plank of wood covering the hole.

After the animals were bored of their photo shoots, I went around the garden in search of any sign of Spring. There wasn’t much, but there was the odd bit of colour if you looked hard enough.

I think these rose buds have had it though.

I can’t wait for Spring to arrive. There were lots of lambs in all the fields on the way back from uni, which we spent a good amount of time “awwing” and “aahing” at. They were very cute. That’s one of my favourite things about living in the country and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Have you seen any signs of Spring? And lambs a leaping or flowers a blooming?



  1. One-oh-four

    Awww – your bunnies are cute. And the guinea pigs are soooo adorable, I’m not surprised your mum can’t resist giving them treats! We have the same signs of spring as you, but considering I’m only a few miles up the road that’s not surprising! I see from your last post that you are doing Biology – I wonder if all the same lecturers are there as when I did my PhD in 1990 – I bet most of them still are, Unless they’ve retired…..gosh that makes me feel old….have a great weekend!

  2. Rachel

    I miss our animals! Flossy’s new cage looks lovely, I’m glad she hasn’t eaten it yet. Feels like I haven’t been home in AGES now so give them all a stroke and a cuddle from me please! x x

    ps. Treacle is actually fatter and heavier than Betty if you pick her up… Betty just has fatter looking fur because she’s so spiky!

  3. What cuties. Willow may be a naughty girl but she looks so sweet and cuddly.

  4. Katharina

    Hi Alice,
    the best signs that Spring is arriving are the birds outside which are singing in the morning and that I don’t have to go in dark to work anymore 🙂

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